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Fullscreen Scrolling Tiles with pagePiling.js

Parallax and page scrolling plugins are rather popular among the open source community. A new one to add into the mix is pagePiling.js. This completely free open source plugin runs on top of jQuery for a unique “slide” design. Each section of the page slides out of the way while scrolling. It’s not exactly parallax,…


DeviceMock.js Produces Device Mockups via JavaScript

Previewing a new design can help to frame your concept in perspective. It can show what you’re doing that works, what might not be working, and how the final product should look. This process often requires a graphic design program like Photoshop or Sketch. But if you’re someone who likes to pass designs via code…


Simple Lightbox is a Touch-Friendly Lightbox for jQuery Users

There’s no shortage of custom plugins for building almost any type of interface for the web. JavaScript is the underlying factor among all web interfaces, but jQuery is perhaps the largest open source library to simplify the process. Free lightbox plugins are voluminous and each offers a variety of unique features. These can range from…


Free jQuery Filer HTML5 File Uploader Plugin

When it comes to form inputs there’s nothing quite like file upload fields. These are often the most difficult to style and also require the largest amount of backend server logic. Over time these upload fields have been given much more TLC with custom CSS libraries and JavaScript code snippets. I’d like to share one…


popSelect Transforms a Select Box into a Popover Field

The traditional HTML select menu has been around for decades and is widely supported in all browsers. It’s a staple of online forms and all areas of web UI design. But what if there was a way to customize these select menus with popover suggestions? Well that’s just what Jay Kanakiya asked himself before creating…


Smoothslides Responsive jQuery Slideshow with Animations

With so many options for jQuery slideshows it can be tough to know where to start. But since there are so many options, there really is no right or wrong answer. Each project comes with its own set of requirements and that are best complimented with certain plugins. Smoothslides is a brand new slider on…


25 Free Libraries for Custom Web Animation

From SVG to CSS3 and modern jQuery, website animation is here to stay. What was once considered an excruciating task has now become more forthright and easier to manage than ever before.

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