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A Poll of Modern Frontend Web Developer’s Preferred Tools

Recently a Senior Web UI Engineer by the name of Ashley Nolan published a wonderful blog post detailing the results of a survey he conferred with various web developers. The results were meant to measure which tools, languages, libraries, and dev resources are currently the most popular among coders in 2015. Some results feel more…

Understanding Retina-Ready Design for Websites and Mobile Apps

Apple was the first major company to introduce standard retina screens on many devices. The newer MacBook Pro computers have been launched with a retina monitor, along with most iOS devices. This means a larger consumer market is growing and designers have to keep up with the changes.

Understanding the Bower Package Manager

Since it was developed, Bower has remained a core tool for web engineers all over the world. Along with GruntJS, Bower is another marquee name in the web dev industry that often confuses people who may be just starting their quest.

How To Find the Best Free JS Plugins for your Website

It can be difficult wading through the sea of free open source code to find exactly what you’re looking for. Each project has its own feeling and purpose based on the context of the situation. This means developers are continually searching for the best free plugins to save time instead of writing every line of…

UI/UX Principles for Tabbed Website Widgets

Web design is comprised of two interrelated yet unique subjects. General interface design is about aesthetic ideas while user experience design is about how an interface works. Both concepts should be applied to all areas of design from a full page layout to the individualistic elements in each section.

Best Free Plugins for Adding Hints and Tooltips to Web Forms

The process of gathering user input has become an expected part of web design. But trends have advanced further with the expectation of snappy interface features. Examples are the little JavaScript hints added onto forms. These are used to increase readability and create a more straightforward interaction.

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