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Free UX Design E-book written by UX Specialist Tal Florentin

The designer & developer Tal Florentin has been working in the web for over 18 years. He has about two decades worth of experience and is prominently known as the author of the UX Hero comic series. Recently he put out a free e-book titled You’re Designing It All Wrong!. It’s meant to be a…

22 Web Designer Tools and Resources

There is no shortage of WordPress themes, page building tools, and app design packages in today’s marketplace. Each has its own unique feature and potential uses, and the same can be said for supporting products and services a web designer might have a need for or require access to. In this listing, you will find…

5 Ways to Cut Website Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

By: Webydo If you are a new company that is just getting started, once of the investments you will need to make early on is a website. How much you should budget for that website is a tricky thing, however. Depending on your needs, a website can cost anywhere from free to millions of dollars….

Best Platforms For Building Websites in 2015

You need to know your CMS, website building platforms, and page crafting tools. How else do you expect to pacify the two forces behind website creation – design and development? You could be a design guru, and have no clue about coding. You could be waist-deep in the analytic mindset required for programming, even though…

Webydo: A Sophisticated Online Software to Create and Manage Websites

Back in January we showcased Webydo‘s website in a list of inspiring examples of whitespace in web design.  Their idea – and beautiful design – really got our attention. Since we also had a  good response from our readers regarding Webydo, we decided to dig deeper and show you what the service is all about.

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