July 19, 2024

Top 14 Companies To Work For In 2017 As a Graphic Designer

A completely satisfactory career that ensures both personal growth and financial fulfillment is the aim of most of working people, although, unfortunately, only few can attain this seemingly impossible goal.

According to management and motivation specialists, job satisfaction is triggered by a series of factors, like: achievement, recognition (rewards), responsibility, advancement, low stress, work-life balance, and company culture (the way employees find common values and ideas among their peers and supervisors).

According to Fortune, World Economic Forum or Forbes, there is a small list of companies that offer employees all of the above. These are the top 15 companies most graphic designers would love to work for in 2017 and here’s also why:


The tech giant offers its workers openness to diversity, different perks, and a great lifestyle.  Facebookers are happy (studies showed an employee satisfaction rating of 93%), they feel free (because they are often encouraged to question and criticize their managers) and they make even more money than Google employees (an experienced employee at Facebook makes $135,000 compared to $133,000 at Google). Great place to work at, I guess.


Certainly one of the best places to work at in the world, Google is trying to motivate its employees by constantly innovating, experimenting, and making things fun. They also offer fully paid 18 weeks maternity leave, on-site childcare, free meals, laundry and fitness facilities. This is as good as it gets, in my opinion.


One of the main reasons the company is very attractive for employees is the fact that they invest in their professional development. Also, managers always make sure everybody is in the right role and that people are happy with their work. Most importantly, the company offers fantastic benefits. I’ll send them my resume, for sure.


One of the greatest company of the moment, Adobe offers great benefits to its employees, and the overall atmosphere at work is great. People are open, professional and aware that there is so much room for personal advancement as long as they’re serious and dedicated. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


According to employees, this is a place where you can meet smart, motivated, talented people. The company also makes sure its employees are enjoying working there. Salesforce believes in quality and not quantity, so they don’t encourage workers to do extra hours, but rather to focus and do a better job in less time.


According to NVIDIA workers, this is an exciting, fun place to work, where people are intelligent, driven, and passionate about what they do. NVIDIA looks for the best talents, and provides them with the opportunity to reach their full potential. There’s no better place to work at if you are a game addict☺


The main reasons why people love working for Deloitte are the sabbaticals and the most generous maternity leave the company offers to its employees. The attractive salary, the benefits, the company culture&values (meritocracy, professionalism, diversity, international growth) etc. are also important reasons you would want to be hired by the tax, audit and advisory giant.


One of the world’s top furniture retailers, the Scandinavian-style home furnishings company sells housewares in about 330 stores in some 40 countries. Employees are delighted with the company culture: it’s a great place to grow and nurture your profession and person. According to recent studies, almost 80% of workers feel inspired at work.   


Apart from the great salary and benefits (the average pay in 2016 was $138,000), diversity in work and influence, at Microsoft you get to work with wonderful people. The stress level was reduced when the company culture shifted from individual competitor to successful teamwork.


Working at Airbnb could be summed up in a few words: great development opportunities and a great company culture encouraging teamwork, brainstorming and open-mindedness. Who could turn down such a job offer?

Adidas Group

Just like all the other big companies, the group offers great career opportunities, learning opportunities, a collaborative culture, smart teams and a lot of great benefits. Enough for me, I may say.


Extremely caring towards their employees as well as their customers, Shopify offers numerous benefits to its employees. Starting wages are a lot higher here than they used to be and they get higher every year. In case you are driven, always looking to learn new things and a hard worker, this is just the type of person Shopify is looking for.

Fast Enterprises

Fast Enterprises is a big family and this relaxed, cozy atmosphere makes working together as a team satisfying and successful. Employees only have great words about the management and the working conditions: people are ethical and they trust each other, the company listens to employee’s concerns and co-workers celebrate success together.


About 3,600 workers are employed by the social media giant, the majority of which are based out of its Bay Area headquarters. Like many other tech players, Twitter offers employees scores of benefits, from unlimited vacation days to free healthy food.

If you think the working conditions offered by these giants are attractive, you could just send them your resume. Who knows, maybe one day you will be spoiled with all the benefits mentioned above. I have already sent some applications.

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