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Adobe Muse CC - 2015.2 Update

Top 15 Updates – Adobe Muse 2015.2

Top 15 Updates – Adobe Muse 2015.2   Adobe Muse has recently been updated to Adobe Muse 2015.2. The update was released on June 21, 2016. In the video above I go over what I think are the top 15 updates. They are as follows (in no particular order): New Start Screen Vertical Site Map…

Website Security

Why it is Important to Update Your Current WordPress Version

WordPress is an exceptional platform that is growing continually with some great updates that are introduced by the vibrant WordPress community. This makes the WordPress an ever-growing content management system. With every update, there comes something more prominent in the new version. It includes advanced features and functions, user-centric elements, and much more to offer…


Websites Dedicated to Aid the Victims of Paris Attacks

Supplying information below as a result of the tragic attacks that occurred in Paris on Friday night to share resources and ways to help. Even though you may be distant from the country’s borders you can still provide aid, or get information on the status of your friends and family in Paris through social media….


Not for Amateurs – Manage Website Projects Seamlessly with the NEW Webydo

Designers have long suffered from a perception problem. Far too often, people assume that a designer’s job is simply to “make things pretty”, whereas the true role of any designer is to find creative solutions to people’s problems. Yes, those solutions may indeed include attractive visuals, but a designer is much more than a decorator…

Our Premium Content: Eleven Months Later

Eleven months ago we launched WDL Premium, and it’s been a huge success for our members, our premium partners, and us. If you’ve not heard about our premium membership, it’s a way for us to bring you high-quality design files and other goodies from top companies. It’s truly been a win – win – win…

The Most Popular Articles of 2009

The end of 2009 marked WDL’s first full year in existence, and what a great year it was. We feel that we’ve put out a lot of valuable content that has been helpful to our readers who we greatly appreciate. So before we start publishing new content for 2010, we thought it would be interesting…

Ronin: Online Time Tracking and Invoicing

Here at WDL, we greatly appreciate our sponsors. They help make it possible for us to do what we do, and we feel that all of our sponsors offer services and products that can be very useful to web designers, developers, and online creatives. In order to let you know more about what our sponsors…

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