July 14, 2024
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Five Innovative Wearable Technology Devices

When you want to make an good impression, wearable technology products are your allies. Not only that, but they make your life easier, as well. 


There is no better time to bring into our readers attention the products that confirm the highly technologized world we live in than today. If you were wondering what have been the experts developing lately, well, we have the answer. In today’s article, we will be discussing some of the most useful wearable technology products on the market.

“Why have the classic watches been replaces by the smart watches?” almost sounds like “Why have we replaces Nokia 1300 with iPhone X?” The world “suffers” an on-going evolution, and there’s no time for traditionalism. At least not in this field. The high-tech products are out for us to enjoy them, use them, and simplify our lives.

The list below includes products that you might need or someone you know might need. Designers are notorious for embracing all these innovations. That’s why wearable tech products make amazing gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Christmas, so on and so forth.

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Smart running shoes

Shoes are part of the everyday clothing, but when they can read your mood and your heartbeat, they become something else. Lenovo’s running shoes do that and we are in awe. Not to mention that they work as a mobile game controller, as well.

wearable technology



Fove is the first virtual reality headset and it was created by a Tokyo-based startup founded by Yuka Kojima and Lochlainn Wilson. The product utilizes eye-tracking technoligies, allowing the user to interact with objects by looking at them.

Fitbit’s 2018 offensive

Fitbit had been proving to be an amazing product for a while now. People love it for several reasons which include the ability to track your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep. This watch will motivate you to exercise daily, a key factor in staying healthy.

wearable technology

Disneyland’s MagicBand

Disneyland’s bracelet is magic, indeed. The device connects to all of the vacation choices you make with My Disneyland Experience. It gives you access to the whole park, you can connect it to your card, it tracks you in the park, and the waiter will find you at the restaurant.

Wearable Tech


Temp tech tattoos 

These tattoos put an end to misleading or gamed breathalyzers. The temp tech tattoos measure the alcohol in your blood in a non invasive way. The printed tattoo paper generates an electronic board which contains a thin layer of gel. The gel induces sweat and an electrochemical sensor measures the alcohol. A smartphone will let you know via Bluetooth if it’s safe to drive home.

Wearable technology


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