July 15, 2024
pretentious customer

What does “pretentious customer” mean for a web design agency?

Spoiler: This article is for difficult customers and the specialists who work with them 🙂

In every field, but especially in the creative ones, there have been, and surely there will always be difficult customers. If you find yourself in a position to call on such services… this article is for you. If you are a web design magician on the other side of the barricade, your situation is as familiar as possible.

pretentious customer

From the outset, we need to clarify a small aspect: the purpose of the article is to explain to you, the client we always want to see satisfied with the outcome, which are the peritubular factors we often face. At the same time, we want you, a member of an agency that offers web design services, to feel that you are not the only one in this situation.

So … let’s get started!

Our dear customer,

You have probably already experienced various collaborations with web designers or freelancers. And at least once it happened to not be satisfied with the final product. Undoubtedly, your immediate conclusion was to criticize the work of the design team. If you find yourself in this description, we have less pleasant news: the problem in such situations can be caused by your requirements.

Let’s examine together some types of attitudes that can lead to poor collaboration and how we can improve them.

Pretentious customer

13 features of a pretentious customer

  1. You want the web designer to fulfill more desires than you paid for;
  2. You expect every requirement of yours to be fulfilled on the spot;
  3. You want your last-minute needs to be resolved “yesterday”;
  4. Your preferences are vague;
  5. You insist that your website imitates the model of another site;
  6. You copy the images you want to appear on the website;
  7. You expect the web designer to solve problems that do not fall within his job;
  8. For any dissatisfaction, you let the designer know that you will give up on his services in favor of cheaper services;
  9. You plan to pay less than your initial understanding;
  10. Do not trust the design services of an authorized person in the field;
  11. You make major design changes after approval of the initial variation;
  12. You communicate incomplete requirements and specifications to the web design team;
  13. You despise the web designer’s advice.

How can you be the ideal customer?

We are convinced that you also want to benefit from the much-wanted result, and we always aim to offer you the best web design services. We enjoy every time we see a happy customer. That’s why, anytime, a little help on your part contributes to a successful collaboration.

5 features of the ideal customer

  1. Clarifies all site-related concerns and respects the final design, as well as honoring its cost;
  2. Read and make sure they understand all the terms and conditions of the collaboration;
  3. Provides at least 5 sites that he/she likes and lists the reasons;
  4. Make sure he/she sends the design team all the logos, photos, and content they need and…
  5. He/she has effective communication skills.

At the end of the day, the responsibility of a perfect website also depends on us designers who want to offer you web design services to the highest standards. So if you need a refresh of the site, ask for the help of a team of specialists that is always ready to meet your web design wishes!

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