July 15, 2024

WhatsApp Chat Service climbs to 900 Million Users

Most people choose to communicate via SMS or iMessage. These are the two default text communication methods for all mobile phone users.

But a recently contender WhatsApp has recently climbed into the spotlight.

Last year Facebook purchased Whatsapp for $19BN. Since then it’s been given a lot of TLC and grown to a considerable size: 900 million users.

According to a post by Jan Koum, WhatsApp just recently hit 900MM users as of very early September 2015.

The app is meant to run as a mobile messaging system to replace things like SMS and iMessage. It can be tough to avoid SMS fees when you don’t have an alternative. But WhatsApp was created for this exact reason and has so far managed to see a lot of success.

You can run WhatsApp on any device from iOS to Blackberry and even Nokia.

Take a peek at the WhatsApp homepage to view features and maybe try it out for yourself.

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