Tag: 3D Design

Tips For Using Fonts In Typography

Picking the right font and using it in the typography is a mystifying process for many people. There are endless choices of fonts, whether you are looking for a normal conventional looking font, or an innovative bunny or candy cane font. A few decades ago, designers were limited to very few web safe fonts, most…

Adobe Fuse CC Preview Released

We first heard of Fuse CC at the Adobe MAX conference, where teasers of the product features were presented. Now a Adobe has released additional details on about their latest product. The concept of Fuse developed when Adobe acquired a company named Maximo that was an evolution of Photoshop with an integration of 3D Design….

App Turns Your Words Into 3D Art

Designers have a tendency to think visually. This is not a strength shared by “non-creatives”, which can sometimes be a greater challenge than the design itself. At times, it seems impossible for other to visualize the design in your head, even after a detail explanation or presenting it in a design pitch. Well, there is now…an…

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