coffeecup responsive design pack

CoffeeCup Responsive Design Pack Giveaway

Our friends at CoffeeCup are giving away a Responsive Design Pack for FREE (a total value of $1500) to FIVE very lucky designers! Featuring their top eight apps, the Responsive Design Pack is perfect for visually designing stunning websites, show-stopping photo displays, fully functional web forms, and money-making newsletters. The pack is also loaded with a ton of customizable responsive themes. With drag-n-drop interfaces…


LG UltraWide™ Festival – $10k Dream Canvas Prize

Our environment affects so many aspects of our day-to-day life. For designers, overall productivity and the creative process can be heavily swayed by their workstation. Similar to painters of the past, who needed a brush and canvas to create their masterpieces, designers in the digital age need the right tools to bring their visions to life….

templatemonster marathon

Launch Your Own Web Studio in 61 Days!

You know what? We have got a bit of great news for you. In fact, it’s just something sensational. We have been planning for this day carefully, and finally this day has come. TemplateMonster welcomes everyone who wants to change their life for better to join our Marathon, called “Your Own Web Studio in 61 Days”….

Muse For You - Placing a Video within a Circle in Adobe Muse - Adobe Muse CC

Placing a Video Within a Circle in Adobe Muse

Place a Video within a Circle in Adobe Muse. No Coding Skills Required.   In this tutorial I will go over how to place a video within a circle in Adobe Muse using the Ultimate Video Widget 2.0 found at We will also be using Adobe Photoshop to create the transparent circle. Adding the Video…


A Few Things Web Designers Can Learn From Hillary Clinton

The US presidential election is right around the corner. While some candidates are leveraging their eccentric personality and their bold attitudes to gain followers, and yes, I’m talking to you Mr. Trump, some of them invest massively in their online presence.


Draw Letter ‘S’ Symbol in Adobe XD

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to design a letter ‘S’ symbol in Adobe XD. The Steps (1-11) 1. Create a New Artboard. 2. Select the Ellipse Tool and hold Shift to draw a circle. Give this circle a black Fill, with no border, and set the Width and Height to 300px. 3….

mozello website builder

Mozello: A Website Builder For Creating Amazing Sites

Due to the ever-increasing reach of the internet, having an online presence or website for your business is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Now, not everyone can code and deploy websites. Similarly, hiring web developers or design agencies too might be overkill and beyond the budget of many folks. If this is the…

Muse For You - Animating a Moving Car in Adobe Muse - Adobe Muse CC

Animating a Moving Car in Adobe Muse

Animating a Moving Car in Adobe Muse. No Coding Skills Required.    In this tutorial I will go over how to animate a moving car in Adobe Muse using the Muse Motion 2 Widget found at We will also be using Adobe Illustrator. 1. Open the car vector in Adobe Illustrator. 2. Copy and paste the…

be theme carver

20 Clean & Crisp Pre-Built Websites for Small Businesses

Building a presentation website for a small business is a popular activity for many web designers; and the same might also be true for you. Small business websites need to be clean, crisp, and loaded with personality; giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your design skills in the best possible light. While every small business…

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