LG UltraWide™ Festival – $10k Dream Canvas Prize

Our environment affects so many aspects of our day-to-day life. For designers, overall productivity and the creative process can be heavily swayed by their workstation. Similar to painters of the past, who needed a brush and canvas to create their masterpieces, designers in the digital age need the right tools to bring their visions to life….

Muse For You - Animating a Moving Car in Adobe Muse - Adobe Muse CC

Animating a Moving Car in Adobe Muse

Animating a Moving Car in Adobe Muse. No Coding Skills Required.    In this tutorial I will go over how to animate a moving car in Adobe Muse using the Muse Motion 2 Widget found at http://museforyoushop.com. We will also be using Adobe Illustrator. 1. Open the car vector in Adobe Illustrator. 2. Copy and paste the…

be theme carver

20 Clean & Crisp Pre-Built Websites for Small Businesses

Building a presentation website for a small business is a popular activity for many web designers; and the same might also be true for you. Small business websites need to be clean, crisp, and loaded with personality; giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your design skills in the best possible light. While every small business…


HostGator Review: A Powerful Web Host, or Another Average Web Host?

HostGator Review: A Powerful Web Host, or Another Average Web Host? “Powerful web hosting,” HostGator boldly claims on their homepage. Web hosts are a dime a dozen these days, and claiming to be “powerful” — as far as web hosts is concerned — is very bold. Founded in a Florida dorm room in 2002 by…


Designing a Progress Bar in Adobe XD

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to design a progress bar in Adobe XD. 1. Create a new artboard 1920 x 1080. 2. Select the artboard by Left-clicking on the artboard name top-left, and in the Property Inspector on the right, select a Background Fill Colour. In this tutorial the colour used was…


The Beginners’ Guide to Creating a Digital Storefront

Selling products is one of the best ways to make passive income from your blog. Unlike other blog monetization methods like advertisements, by selling products you don’t necessarily need a huge traffic base in order to make a steady stream of income. Personally, I prefer selling digital goods to physical goods. It’s because creating and…

WDL Shop: Noun Project

WDL Shop: Noun Project, Design Bundle, and WordPress Theme Subscription

This week on the WDL Shop we’re featuring three amazing deals for designers. First, we have a 2-year unlimited subscription to the Noun Project for $49 –  a 79 percent discount off the sticker price of $240! Save time creating icons by tapping into this massive collection of 430,000+ hand-drawn icons. These icons come in both…

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