Author: Mark Adams

The Best Design Collaboration Tools for You and Your Team

Design/development work is seldom a solo effort. Even when that is the case, collaborating with those offering feedback is still a good idea. For teams, effective collaboration is often key to a project’s success. Without it, cost overruns and missed deadlines can be commonplace. Setting up a manual system for team collaboration is a sound…

8 Useful WordPress Themes for Building Great Portfolios in 2018

Building a decent portfolio takes a fair amount of experience and creativity and a good tool for the job. You would need to have all the above coupled with an improved tool to build an awesome portfolio. You can’t pull additional creativity out of a hat, however, and gaining experience can take lots of time….

Designing a WP website without coding? Do that with Elementor

Have you ever thought about being able to design a website from top to bottom and element by element without having to write a line of code? Elementor turned this daydream into reality by creating the ultimate WordPress website-building solution. Now you can design a total website, including the header, the footer, and everything else,…

Your key to success as a designer: These tools and resources

For better or for worse, technology rules the day for most web designers. It usually takes money to compete for more money, whether it’s in business or in poker. Similarly, it takes technology to compete in a field like a web design. Here, technical skills, resources, tools, or a combination of the three are necessary….

How to Keep Website Visitor Retention High with Uncode

Of the more than 1.8 billion websites on the worldwide web, a few million or more of them could accurately be described as beautiful, awesome, stunning, and of course, responsive. The use of imagery, together with responsiveness is essential; but what about other elements that are necessary to promote and nurture visitor retention? If a…

The Best Invoicing and Time Management Apps You Can Find Online

In a business, time is of the essence. When you work for a company your use of your time can affect your salary. If you are working for yourself, how you use it can impact your earnings. Time needs to be scheduled and tracked; whether it’s to be done for tasks, teams, or individuals. That’s…

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