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10 WordPress tools & services you need to try (You’re welcome!)

The WordPress design team set out to build the ultimate website-building platform. That time, they had several things in mind. Among them, they wanted to make building websites as easy as possible. Also, they planned to allow web designers to build exactly what they want down to the finest detail. Users can do so without…

Dox Design

Dox Design – A Pet Friendly Design Studio (AOTW#8)

Our series of articles Agency of the Week becomes more and more diverse with each featured design studio. We enjoy, embrace, and explore diversity as an important part of any design-related process. Dox Design is an unusual studio, and today, we are making them known by all the animal lovers out there!     When…

efficient logos

How Efficient Logo Designs Influence Clients’ Decisions

The Logo and the Brand are simply inseparable. A strong logo is as essential for branding as a strong branding is essential for a logo. But there’s one piece that unifies the two: the brand identity. When it comes to creating a successful business, its identity is the foundation that holds everything together. Brands can…

Useful Photoshop Tutorials

20 Free Useful Photoshop Tutorials to Create Websites

“I like the color very much, but can you change it? This is the kind of style I want for my website, with a little bit of 90’s, indie, minimalist, and elegance added to it. Can we change… like everything?” These useful Photoshop tutorials we are featuring today will teach you how to avoid such…

Event Invitations

25+ Creative Event Invitations To Impress Your Guests

Times comes when you, the introvert designer behind the desk has to hold a party, reunion, celebration of some sort. Okay, maybe not all designers are introverts who hate being in the center of the everyone’s attention. But when such event occur, you need to make sure everybody who needs to be invited, is invited….

funny jokes

40 Funny Jokes Only Designers Will Understand

Sit down, grab a coffee, and enjoy these 40 Funny Jokes Only Designers Will Understand! Psss, I’m sure other people from this office would like to hear/read them!   Have you ever had one of those days when the weather is gloomy, deadlines are tight, and clients are frustrating? We are all human, whether your job…

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