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10 Free Modern Fonts That Will Spice Up Your Futuristic Projects

Some designs just absolutely call for an edgier look than usual. You can’t just be happy with a simple, everyday font. You need something more, and more specifically, something that won’t break the bank. This is why I scoured the internet and found my top 10 picks of free modern fonts. And yes, you’re welcome….

6 Amazing Packaging Design Ideas for 2020 That Are on Point

You’re here because you’re looking for amazing packaging ideas for 2020. Well, you’re in luck, because I’m showing you 6 ideas for you to implement this year into your packaging designs. Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s just jump right in! Sustainable Packaging Sustainability. It’s at the forefront of all of our minds nowadays….

Helvetica Now 2020 fonts

Top 8 Fonts We Expect To See Designers Use in 2020

Fonts are used to embody the style, direction, feeling, and overall vibe you want your current design project to have. Since the year has begun, we’re seeing quite a few font trends. While many people are using brand-new modern fonts, lots of people are digging up old literature and bringing old retro fonts back to…

new facebook logo

The New Facebook Logo and Reasons Behind This Change

[source] Facebook has been around for 15 years and we all know that it needs little to no introduction. With a boasting 1.63 billion daily active users, Facebook is easily the most popular app to date. Since 2004, Facebook has been connecting friends and family from all over the globe. We probably all use it,…

The 10 Elements of Every Great Logo + 10 Logo Examples

When establishing a brand, you should never put your logo on the back burner.    If your logo doesn’t represent you well or it looks unprofessional, then your customers are going to bounce, leaving your business to plummet.    We’re going to go over the 10 elements of every great logo, that you can implement…

sofias tea packaging design ideas

The Best Packaging Design Ideas for 2019 You Need to See

Your product could be the most amazing and useful product in the world, but if your packaging is not on point, then your entire business could be in some major trouble. Imagine this scenario: You’ve designed the best product in your field, invested all of your funds into creating the product, and put packaging design…

summer sale campaign newsletter pink

2019 Newsletter Design Trends You Have to Know About

As we continue through this eventful 2019, there are many newsletter design trends that have already come and gone. But, there are also quite a few that have stuck around, and even more that are just beginning to show up.  So what are they? Great question. Newsletters are one of the most simple and effective…

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