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Sync Files

4 Reasons Your Creative Team Needs to Sync Files to the Cloud

Why Cloud Storage is the Future of Digital Design… and an Introduction to Our Favorite Cloud Storage and Sync Tools In some fields, changes happens slowly over time. Digital design is not one of those fields. Digital tools are constantly changing and evolving, which means if your team is going to remain competitive, you need…

iOS 12

A Look at the New iOS 12

As an iPhone user, you probably gag at the sight of an update notification. It often takes a while, and who knows if your precious phone’s interface will ever look the same again. For the most part, iOS updates usually are aimed at bug fixes, a few fresh graphical updates, and new emojis every once…

Colorized Old Photos

Colorized Old Photos Bring History To Life

For a quite long period of time, pictures existed only in black and white. When we look at these pictures, we can’t truly connect and relate to the people in them. They look so far back in time that it’s hard to imagine what it was like to be them. But that alien feeling vanished…

digital illustration tutorials

Digital Illustration Tutorials That Will Take Your Skills To the Next Level

Tutorials achieve their goal only when they are simple, concise, and offer all the information need. As graphic designers, we have to constantly be learning new tricks that could recommend us for more and important jobs. The digital illustration is a popular field among designers due to its versatile style and the freedom it offers….

instagram artists

Instagram Artists That Will Inspire You

It’s no mystery that sometimes comfort strikes in and “work” sounds like the most dreadful word ever. In those times small things like the stain on the wall, the split ends of our hair, the music videos we are listening to seem to be more interesting than anything else. Hence people spend a lot of…

UI prototyping tools under the spotlight: Are they as good as they claim to be?

Prototypes serve as useful sources of information for web designers and developers. They encourage team collaboration and can provide useful information to stakeholders. They also serve as testing platforms. In addition, they provide developers with useful and usable information. It is often easier to understand and work when compared to pure documentation. It takes the…

NOAH Watches

Product of the Week: NOAH Watches

Here on Webdesignledger, you know how we love our series. So today, we’ll be launching a new series called Product of the Week. In this new series, we’ll be going over some of our favorite IOT items that we think you’ll love, too. Designers, developers, and geeks alike will all love what we’re cooking up….

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