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Typography Trends

8 Typography Trends in 2019

Each year, trends change. That statement doesn’t change, no matter what industry you’re in. For designers, this statement is extra important because design trends of any kind are what draw the people in. So, whether you’re working on your personal website or the website of a client, it’s important to know what these trends are….

Logo Trends

8 Logo Trends in 2019

With so many new brands, it is increasingly difficult to design a logo that draws attention and stands out from others. The trends are changing and if we do not want to fall behind, we have to update our logo. The problem is that it must be unique and not resemble any competitors. Sometimes, the…

White space

White space and action buttons – 3 UX rules to perfect design

Studies have shown that the first impression a user gets when visiting a site is strictly influenced by the design of the page they are reaching. Design is a very subjective element, just like user preferences. Using these elements, some UX rules have been created. If we abide by these rules, we can pretty much…

Is Your Web Design SEO Workflow Optimized?

Search engine optimization projects can be very complex, from ​SEO audits​ to content development. Having an optimized strategy on how to approach SEO for web designers not only ensures your design team has clear project direction but also increases client satisfaction. Is your SEO workflow optimized? Here are a few productivity tips to make sure…

Five Reasons Why A Strong Brand Identity For Your Pet Business Is Vital to Success

Sniff Design Studio® is an award-winning web and graphic design studio that specializes in catering to national and international pet business professionals since 2003. We work to inspire brands while crafting identities with meaningful, purpose-filled and eye-catching designs. After all, good design is key to gaining and maintaining important customer response to a product or…

Glitch Fonts

10 Amazing Glitch Fonts for Your Projects

At the beginning of each year, we need to throw our old, worn out tools, and add new, fully functional ones. When it comes to virtual tools, we have to do the same thing. Granted, there are tools that we’ve been holding onto for years now, and they never let us down. Photoshop, Sketch, Dropbox, and…

Christmas gift

Christmas Gift Ideas for Hipster Designers

Do not panic. Breath. You still have about 13 days to get that Christmas gift for your hipster designer friend. If a stuffed polar bear isn’t your type of gift, you should check the polar fox in the list below. JK. We have listed cool gifts, cuz your friend is not a regular friend, he/she is…

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