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Best Fashion Apps for Men

In this glorious/terrifying digital age we live in, there truly is an app for everything. We’re talking ordering pizza, operating a drone, learning a new language, even checking out what it would look like if we were to merge faces with Danny Trejo (pretty unsettling, FYI). There are literally millions of downloadables floating around, a…

Responsive vs. Adaptive, What’s Best for Designers?

Mobile devices can not be ignored. People are using them to visit websites instead of their desktop computers. If your site isn’t easy to view on a mobile device, you are decreasing your chances to get more visitors and increase usage of your site. What’s the difference? Responsive is fluid and adapts to the size…

User Interface Design Techniques for Mobile Web Applications

Having developed smaller projects using Objective-C/iOS I learned there are many benefits and drawbacks to native applications. HTML5 mobile web apps provide a quicker all-around experience for any mobile device – and even regular desktop monitors. This means you don’t need approval from a marketplace or app store and you can publish online right away.

Understanding Retina-Ready Design for Websites and Mobile Apps

Apple was the first major company to introduce standard retina screens on many devices. The newer MacBook Pro computers have been launched with a retina monitor, along with most iOS devices. This means a larger consumer market is growing and designers have to keep up with the changes.

Virgin Mobile Web Design Trends

The prepaid wireless market has been rejuvenated by Virgin for years. Their goal was to offer a solution for young adults or non-technical people who don’t want(or need) a monthly cell phone bill.

The 21 Best Designed App Landing Pages of 2015 (So Far)

Mobile is the dominant computing platform of this generation, but plenty of people still discover and download apps from traditional websites. Since the launch of the app store, we’ve seen countless posts on the topic of landing page inspiration and optimization that commonly tout the obvious: showcase a benefit; establish a clear call to action;…

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