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how to manage a design project

How To Manage a Design Project And A Creative Team

In terms of working with clients, one of the hardest things you have to learn – especially if you work as a freelancer or run a small web design company – is to manage your time and projects as efficiently as possible. Even if we are graphic designers, creatives or web designers, we all know…

3 Astonishingly Effective Design Tweaks Guaranteed to Boost Your Ad Revenue

“Advertising is dead.” Simply typing that phrase into the Google search engine will reveal over 240,000 results. However, is advertising indeed dead? Not really. However, when you realize that the average banner ad today has a clickthrough rate of 0.1 percent — compared to the 44 percent clickthrough rate the first banner advertisement had —…

15 Pre-Built Websites for Small Businesses and Clients

Being a freelancer has its definite upside, but it has its challenges as well. As a freelancer, you have a substantial amount of freedom with respect to your daily work habits. At the same time, you’ll sometimes face challenges that office workers are not accustomed to. You’ll always have deadlines to meet, and you can…

How To Jumpstart Your Career In The Creative Industry

If you’re stuck in a non-creative job that you completely uninspiring, the idea of becoming a professional designer and working for yourself while creating beautiful projects for interesting clients might seem like a fantasy. But thanks to the practically infinite number of educational resources online, becoming a professional creative is now more accessible than ever….

Sensational Jobs: Get the Right Web Design Jobs

Being a web design freelancer definitely brings with it some advantages. Those who are more accustomed to a cubicle lifestyle no doubt yearns for the freedom a freelancer has. They see freelancing as an opportunity to work according to their own schedule and work with whom they want, and where they want. Making a sudden…


Web agencies and chatbots – the race to stay relevant

Mobile messaging and chatbots are here, and it looks like they are here to stay. As a web agency, you have most likely heard of the chatbot trend and are pondering whether or not you should be getting involved. What are chatbots, exactly? Is it worth tweaking your cold pitch to include them? What upside…

Building with NPM

Install NPM And Start Building Using NPM Scripts

  While NPM is usually used for package installation with dependency management, we can also use it for building. This might seem kind of odd, using a package management tool for building our JavaScript applications, but I think it has some great advantages: Simplicity: there’s a lot less configuration. Fewer dependencies: established build tools like…

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