June 18, 2024
Photoshop Alternatives

Best Photoshop Alternatives to Ease Your Work

Photoshop has been out on the market for a long time and there isn’t a designer who hasn’t heard about it. That’s a fact. Professionals use it to edit everything, from photos, movies, to anything graphic design related. Undoubtedly, Photoshop is a leader among the editing tools, and rightly so. The multitude of features and options it comes with make it a software for the advanced. Unfortunately, its complexity can be an impossible labyrinth for some, an unpenetrable mystery. For this very reason, we decided to make all your lives easier by putting together a handy list of the best Photoshop alternatives. 


We know the hassle that Photoshop comes with, and we know the price. Not only does it need hundreds of hours of practice until you get familiarized with it, but it can also be quite costly for designers at the beginning of their career. Our goal on Webdesignledger is to make designers’ work as enjoyable as possible through accessible resources. Today’s blog post is for those who have been looking for Photoshop alternatives that are easier to use and more affordable. Check these out and choose your favorite:


1. Krita

Photoshop Alternatives

The reasons we love this tool are quite numerous. We’ll start with our favorite: it’s free. Don’t we all like free quality products? Krita is Photoshop’s younger sister, they look and feel very similar.  It’s feature-rich and highly recommended by the people online. We recommend you all to use Krita as a Photoshop alternative because:

  • it has a ton of cool effects
  • it offers a multitude of templates on different subjects
  • you can use it on tablets

Unfortunately, Krita doesn’t keep the history of your edits, nor does it have a camera RAW filter. But these little negatives don’t matter so much when all the other features complement each other so well.

2. Sumopaint

Photoshop Alternatives

One of the downsides of Photoshop is that you need room for it. You may have to delete stuff on your computer in order to install it. This is where Sumpaint comes into action. This amazing alternative is an online tool which means you can keep everything on your laptop in place. Sumopaint is on our list today because:

  • it’s super easy to use
  • it has plenty of features
  • it offers support for layers and blending modes

3. Multi-Layer (Android)

Photoshop Alternatives

Edit on the go with your tablet or smartphone with this amazing Photoshop alternative. Multi Layer beats all the other phone tools with its richness of features. Believe it or not, the app offers grit support and even support for blending and layers. Being a free tool, they have to financially support the app through ads which will pop up at times. But even so, we love it for:

  • its simple utilization
  • its curve editing feature
  • its multitude of options


Photoshop Alternatives

Unlike Krita which doesn’t feature a history toolbar, GIMP does! It is also free and that always makes us happy. Plus, what if I told you that it’s able to do almost everything that Photoshop can, sometimes even better? No wonder people recommend it so much online as a Photoshop alternative. It’s easy to work with and we wouldn’t trade it for Photoshop as:

  • it offers layers support and blending modes
  • it features a history toolbar
  • it supports image slicing and Rulers and Guides

5. Affinity Photo

Photoshop Alternatives

We dare to say that Affinity Photo is better than Photoshop. First, let’s start with the price. Compared to Photoshop, Affinity Photo is so much cheaper! With a one-off payment, you are good to go. Its creators openly affirmed that the aspects Photoshop lacks in, they’ve got it covered. Affinity Photo is among the best on the market, and this is why:

  • it’s much faster than Photoshop
  • crashes less than Photoshop
  • features unlimited undos

6. Sketch

Photoshop Alternatives

This list could not exist without Sketch. The tool is as feature rich as flexible. Although it is a paid software, you get a ton for the price. And that’s due to the numerous community-created plugins you can access anytime to extend its functionality. The only downside to Sketch is its limited platform availability. Unless you are a Mac user you can’t enjoy this amazing tool. But even so, we applaud it for:

  • its infinite zooming
  • the ability to build a new graphic with the vector and pencil tool
  • including color picker, layers, gradients, and style presets

7. Pixlr

Photoshop Alternatives

This app is for free. You’ll want to know this little detail when I tell you that it comes with more than 600 effects. Pixlr is that app that you must have on downloaded on your phone for quick edits that actually look good. Crop, resize, whiten teeth if needed, it’s all possible with Pixlr. We added the app to our list due to:

  • its simplicity
  • its availability on iOS and Android
  • the 600 effects, overlays, and borders

8. Aviary

Photoshop Alternatives

Aviary specializes in basic editing and it does it in style. It’s a super tool for editing images into memes and not only. It’s easy to use, yet full of features. You can edit small details such as blemishes, add stickers, and change the depth of focus. Aviary can be accessed both online and on phones. We mostly like that:

  • it’s free and the online editor is add free
  • it comes with a wide range of tools
  • it’s easy to use


Which Photoshop alternative do you use? We would love to know your recommended tools and what makes them special in the comment section below. Also, stay up to date with the latest news and trends in design by visiting us daily. We strive to bring the best and most useful content and would appreciate if you liked, shared, and subscribe to our blog.


  1. Thomas_A Reply

    Affinity Designer is a great, possibly even better alternative to Sketch and is available on Windows and Mac. It’s also a flat fee for 49 dollars, vs Sketch’s 99 per year.

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