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The Pros, Cons And Future Of Flat Design

With so much information related to the evolution of the graphic design, I don’t think there is any designer who can deny that flat design is one of the latest and hottest trends in the graphic design world. Having its own roots in the minimalist design, this visually simple and simplistic style can have many…

35 Examples Of Awesome App Designs With Intuitive Interfaces

Having a smartphone or a tablet is something common these days. Therefore, it’s hard to imagine our day-to-day life without apps that make it much easier and simpler. Whether it’s social media, entertainment, dating, sports, time management,  or even the weather, there is something for everyone. But an app that’s difficult to figure out how…


Pinterest Launches New Design For Its iOS App

Pinterest, the popular social network, has recently revamped the design of its iOS app. The new version claims to be extra fast and extra clean, and focuses more on functionality and usability.


Facebook Has Built Tools To Detect Memory Leak on iOS

Memory is a precious resource on mobile devices, especially because it is shared by different apps and if one runs multiple apps, memory hog can be a big issue that can affect the performance of even the best of mobile phones and tablets in an adverse manner. To fix this, Facebook has come up with…


Nobody Knows How Many Users Apple News Has!

Last year, Apple released its new app for serving news on mobile: Apple News. While the reception to the app was not bad by any means, it was hardly promising or stellar. However, Apple recently stated that it might have miscalculated the number of users that are currently using Apple News and as such, the…

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