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unfold best free insta story app

10 Best Free Insta Story Apps That Will Help You Slay the Instagram Game

Seeing all the time, effort, emojis, drawings, and true works of art put into an Insta story, we know for sure stories are not what they once were. They’re no longer just pictures and videos shot in real-time. Stories have become a true marketing platform, with intensely strategic moves behind each piece of content published….

Top Notch Web Apps for Designers and Design Teams

Whatever your business or occupation, you want to make the best use of your core competencies. These might involve web design, project management, or business management. Your responsibilities can also involve necessary, yet tedious and time-consuming tasks. If these to be done manually, can be error-prone as well. When these tasks require frequent attention, you’re…

Facebook Messenger App Gets A Brand New Look

The popular social networking platform made yet another important change that was not formally announced. Facebook made a move that has probably been planned for a long time: the platform just changed the entire messaging experience by integrating the Messenger app into its desktop version. Reactions of all kinds soon appeared online. The change brought…

Got a Startup Idea? Send it onto @Request4Startup to get Featured

Have you ever thought of something that would really improve your workflow, but you just don’t have the skills to make it? Request for Startup is a service that brings all these ideas together into one curated feed. Twitter users can send an idea to @Request4Startup for a chance to be featured on the site….

Listify Converts Plain Text Lists into HTML Syntax

HTML preprocessors like Haml make coding items a breeze. However the hard-coding aspect of HTML is never fun – it’s not hard but rather mundane and monotonous. While a webapp can’t automate the whole process, Listify can help when building HTML lists. You simply input a raw text list of items and choose an ordered/unordered…

Enjoy CSS Generates Custom & Valid CSS3 Code

One of the fastest time saving techniques for web development is to reuse code. Naturally this may come in the form of snippets saved locally to your computer. But it may also come in the form of code generators like Enjoy CSS. This free webapp creates valid CSS3 code for many common features like gradients,…

Echo JS is a User-Voted JavaScript News Community

First there were social sites like Digg and Reddit covering all topics of user-powered news. Then niche websites popped up like Hacker News and Designer News. This has paved the way for smaller communities to spring up with a focus on certain news topics. Echo JS is a social community with a direct focus on…

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