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6 Logo Design Principles That We Swear By

Making a logo is typically one of your first tasks as a new, up-and-coming designer. I know I had my fair share of making logos for far too cheap, and mostly for my close friends and their small businesses, but it’s something I’ll never forget. Although there are a few things that I wish I…

27 Social Distancing Designs That Are Just Too Good Not To Share

COVID-19 is no joke and we’re all practicing some social distancing right now. If you’re not, and you have the choice to stay home, then you really should do it. While social distancing can be boring or lonely, just remember that by staying home, you are saving lives, and literally changing the fate of our…

uno minimalista

Are You Ready to Play Uno Minimalista? We Know We Are.

Oh, the golden days of Uno, when everyone would carry their pack of fun and good memories in their pocket. I remember playing Uno all throughout my childhood and even to this day when we get a good old group of friends together, we’ll play our version of Uno extreme. And there are no promises…

10 Free Modern Fonts That Will Spice Up Your Futuristic Projects

Some designs just absolutely call for an edgier look than usual. You can’t just be happy with a simple, everyday font. You need something more, and more specifically, something that won’t break the bank. This is why I scoured the internet and found my top 10 picks of free modern fonts. And yes, you’re welcome….

Kroger Gets A New Logo And Slogan – Fresh For Everyone

Kroger is hands-down one of my favorite grocery stores ever. And I’m not the only one, apparently. With 2,800 stores nationwide and in 35 states, Kroger is easily the largest grocery store retailer in the United States of America. Kroger has been around for a long, long time. I’m talking over 100 year’s time! Kroger…

6 Amazing Packaging Design Ideas for 2020 That Are on Point

You’re here because you’re looking for amazing packaging ideas for 2020. Well, you’re in luck, because I’m showing you 6 ideas for you to implement this year into your packaging designs. Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s just jump right in! Sustainable Packaging Sustainability. It’s at the forefront of all of our minds nowadays….

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