Category: Logo Design

logo font

Tips to Choosing the Best Logo Font

Choosing the best font for your logo is not a minor step in creating your brand’s identity. In fact, when your business receives some recognition, simply seeing the font you chose but in another context, will make people think of your brand instantly. That’s how valuable fonts are. When you choose the best logo font for…

efficient logos

How Efficient Logo Designs Influence Clients’ Decisions

The Logo and the Brand are simply inseparable. A strong logo is as essential for branding as a strong branding is essential for a logo. But there’s one piece that unifies the two: the brand identity. When it comes to creating a successful business, its identity is the foundation that holds everything together. Brands can…

Chad Michael Studio

The Master of Branding and Packaging: Chad Michael Studio AOTW#7

Chad Michael Studio makes sure that every branding and packaging design is high class. Read more to find out all about his work and important projects that made him a guru of beer design.   Who is Chad Michael? Chad Michael had founded of the eponymous studio in 2014, after working as head designer for…

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