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Top 6 productivity apps for design teams – pick your perfect match!

          Along with the rest of the world, we tend to be obsessed with productivity. We want to produce more in less time. We want to do so without negatively affecting the quality of our products or services. The digital age has proved to be both a blessing and a curse in this respect. New…

coca-cola logo

The History of the Coca-Cola Logo

Arguably the most recognized name in the world, Coca-cola has been around since 1886. Partners John S Pemberton and Frank M Robinson came up with the name Coca-cola simply because they believed that the two C’s would look good in advertising, and boy, were they right. Let’s dive into the minds of the creative geniuses,…

logo font

Tips to Choosing the Best Logo Font

Choosing the best font for your logo is not a minor step in creating your brand’s identity. In fact, when your business receives some recognition, simply seeing the font you chose but in another context, will make people think of your brand instantly. That’s how valuable fonts are. When you choose the best logo font for…

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