May 25, 2024

Facebook Has Built Tools To Detect Memory Leak on iOS

Memory is a precious resource on mobile devices, especially because it is shared by different apps and if one runs multiple apps, memory hog can be a big issue that can affect the performance of even the best of mobile phones and tablets in an adverse manner.

To fix this, Facebook has come up with a set of tools to detect memory leak on iOS devices.

The Facebook official app for iOS devices comes with several features that tend to share memory, and even if one such feature misbehaves, it can cause memory leak and crash the app or even worse, compel you to restart your phone or device. If you are wondering what memory leak is, it happens if a given portion of the device’s memory is allotted to a given object, but after the object terminates, the app or the system does not free that portion of memory.


To fix this issue, Facebook has devised an automated solution to detect memory leak on iOS. Here is how Facebook describes it:

Automating the process would allow us to find memory leaks faster without much developer involvement. To address that issue, we have built a suite of tools that allow us to automate the process and fix a number of problems in our own codebase. Today, we are excited to announce that we are releasing these tools: FBRetainCycleDetector, FBAllocationTracker, and FBMemoryProfiler.

To learn more, check out Facebook Developers blog.

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