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Are You Looking for a Pleasant Experience with a WordPress Theme?

Stress is an unwelcome partner when you are designing a website. Some design tools, including WordPress themes, can create stressful experiences. They are, at times simply difficult to use. Problems you may encounter with such a product can eat up valuable time, and take that time away from what you should be doing – design….

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CSS Hero: Customize WordPress Themes Easily

It is common knowledge that there are a large number of WordPress themes out there that can lend your website or blog a unique look. You can opt for a simple free WordPress theme, or go with a premium theme, or even select a framework or starter theme and build your own. In other words,…

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BBE For WordPress: The Bootstrap Building Engine You Should Use

WordPress, for the most part, provides an intuitive and easy to use manner of website creation and development. It is simple, straightforward, and offers great scope for customization. However, at the end of the day, you might need specialized tools for the job, and when it comes to website creation, there are several builder plugins…


30 Premium Responsive WordPress Themes – Part 2

This article is a kind of sequel showcasing 30 more premium Responsive WordPress Themes you might like to take a look at. Click here to browse the first batch of WordPress themes. So, what do we have for you today? 30 stylish WordPress themes that fit different business niches. All themes  are easy to customize,…

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Adaptive Web Design Explained

Responsive and Adaptive Web Design are two different approaches to Website Design that try to accomplish similar goals: Mobile websites with a Great User Experience. Adaptive Web Design is another term for progressive enhancement of a web site. Adaptive Web Design also encompasses a range of other strategies which can be combined with responsive web…

Website Security

Why it is Important to Update Your Current WordPress Version

WordPress is an exceptional platform that is growing continually with some great updates that are introduced by the vibrant WordPress community. This makes the WordPress an ever-growing content management system. With every update, there comes something more prominent in the new version. It includes advanced features and functions, user-centric elements, and much more to offer…

Support Hacks

5 Customer Support Hacks to Try Today

For many designers, developers and agencies, customer service can be a burden, slowing down the day, stifling the creative process. It doesn’t have to be – here are five things to try today to turn support from your enemy to an ally. 1. Make Support Flow If support is frustrating, consider the perspective of the customer. They’re in…

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