Pintsize Automates Sass & HTML Template Building

Sass/SCSS has changed the way developers create websites. It saves time, frustration, and offers a powerful new workflow to hasten web projects. This excitement has naturally caused developers to jump into the ring with their own Sass-related ideas. Some are basic mixins while others are plugins or libraries that run on top of Sass commands….

A Poll of Modern Frontend Web Developer’s Preferred Tools

Recently a Senior Web UI Engineer by the name of Ashley Nolan published a wonderful blog post detailing the results of a survey he conferred with various web developers. The results were meant to measure which tools, languages, libraries, and dev resources are currently the most popular among coders in 2015. Some results feel more…

13 Examples of Illustrations and Hand Drawn Elements in Web Design

Illustrations and hand drawn elements in web design can add personality while grabbing the user’s attention. And as long as you don’t turn your page into an illustration frenzy, there are several ways to incorporate these elements in your project. You can add subtle illustrated icons, hand draw type, or big and bold illustrated backgrounds….

Not Using CSS Preprocessors? You Should Be.

CSS was both a wonderful innovation and a missed opportunity. Being able to separate the form and the content of a webpage massively improves the process of web design. But, CSS has a number of limitations. As anyone who has ever written CSS knows, for all but the most simple of sites, the CSS can…

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