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Forbes.com Recently Served Malware in Ads

Of late, Forbes.com had been asking its users to disable ad blockers (if any) in order to browse its website. Thus, if you had extensions such as AdBlock enabled in your browser and visited Forbes, you’d not be able to access the content until you disabled AdBlock. Many users did oblige and disabled their ad…


WordPress 4.4.1 is Here

WordPress 4.4 was released in December last year, and now, we have a new security release: WordPress 4.4.1 WordPress 4.4.1 fixes several bugs, but most importantly, it addresses a security issue in the form of a cross-site scripting vulnerability that could make many websites prone to security issues. 

Predictions For Online Privacy and Security in 2016

In the past two years, we’ve seen massive cyber attacks and privacy issues surface in the US. The government has struggled to define a fine line between keeping its citizens safe without violating their privacy rights. Econsultancy’s Todd Ruback says that 2016 will be just as impactful. He shares his perdition and current initiatives in…

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