MailDrop is a free E-mail Inbox Alternative

There’s a common trend among e-mail applications which all point towards a removal of spam. Nobody likes spam(except maybe spammers) and countless measures have been put in place to deal with it. A brand new webapp MailDrop.cc is yet another choice among the many existing applications. MailDrop is completely free offering a great user experience […]


SwiftBites for iOS Teaches How To Code in Swift

A new iOS app named SwiftBites offers a great environment for developers to learn Swift quickly and easily. It’s a mini-course unto itself teaching the absolute basics of Apple’s latest programming language. Swift is a programming language that builds on top of Objective-C programming. Using Swift it’s possible to write applications for Mac OS X, […]


EmpireNode 2015 to be hosted in NYC on October 23rd

Node.js developers work eagerly to organize meetups and conferences about this fascinating new library. Now the empire state New York has its own conference aptly named EmpireNode. The 2015 conference kicks off in NYC for a single day on October 23rd. It’ll feature lots of talks and plenty of breaks for food/mingling. While the event […]


Simple & Readable iOS Design Guidelines

Apple’s HIG documentation has all the info a designer could ever need. Too bad it’s mostly scattered between pages of not-so-intuitive links and complex nav menus. Ivo Mynttinen created a much better alternative named The iOS Design Guidelines. These are self-hosted on his blog and ordered in a way so that everything is crystal clear. […]


An Organized List of Dev Conferences from Around the World

We’re constantly writing about the latest design/dev conferences because they’ve grown into such a powerhouse industry unto themselves. There’s always something to learn at one of these conferences, but not everyone is able to make it. Some people don’t even know where to find them! A brand new webapp named Dev Conferences features a complete […]


The European AngularConnect Conference 2015 runs in London

A two-day Angular.js conference is coming to Exel, London on October 20th and 21st. The AngularConnect conference is popular across all of Europe and brings guests from many of the western countries. Many people from the core Angular team show up to discuss new updates, best practices, and the future of Angular. The 2015 conference […]