The European AngularConnect Conference 2015 runs in London

A two-day Angular.js conference is coming to Exel, London on October 20th and 21st. The AngularConnect conference is popular across all of Europe and brings guests from many of the western countries. Many people from the core Angular team show up to discuss new updates, best practices, and the future of Angular. The 2015 conference […]


Zurb releases Motion UI Sass Library as Open Source

Zurb has built an impeccable reputation from their Foundation framework which is soon to see a Foundation 6 release. The team has been busy as they also recently open sourced a Sass animation library that was previously apart of Foundation for Apps. It’s called Motion UI and now it’s completely available for free to all […]


Interview with Caroline Jarrett about Web Forms that Work

For as crucial as they are, online forms don’t get nearly the attention they deserve. Without them, scores of businesses would crumble (metaphorically speaking) and information wouldn’t be shared in the same way. Most of us interact with forms every single day without even much of a thought. Few people in the world can claim […]