JSConf Colombia opens October 16th in Medellín

This year’s 2015 JSConf Colombia event is sure to be a fascinating meetup for all JavaScript enthusiasts. Speakers will be coming from all over including the US, Brazil, Germany, and the Netherlands. It’s a 2-day event running from October 16th to the 17th in Medellín, Colombia. JSConf Columbia is just one conference among a number […]


Workfrom helps you find Nearby Places to Work Remotely

If you don’t usually work in an office then you know it can be tough to get work done. Many freelancers work from home which creates the distinct problem of separating work life from home life. While there are other options like coffee shops or co-working spaces, how do you know where these are located? […]


Definitive Guide to Integrate MailChimp and WordPress

Founded in 2001, MailChimp has now “7 million users that collectively send over 10 billion emails through the service each month”.  MailChimp is an email marketing and newsletter service functioning well. It helps the users to collect email addresses, store the email addresses and carry out an email marketing campaign. Maintaining a long list of […]


LaunchDarkly Tracks & Measures UI Features with Split Testing

Pushing out updates to a new website or mobile app can be intimidating. For larger sites it often takes a team of people to get the project moving and to fix any potential bugs. But a new service called LaunchDarkly hopes to expedite release times and put nauseating anxiety at bay. LaunchDarkly is a delivery […]


Retalk Catalogs the best Talks on Design & Development

It can take 15-20 minutes of browsing YouTube to find a good video on the topic you’re looking for. Conferences around the world often record their presentations and set the up on video sharing websites for free. Sometimes you’ll even find playlists of these videos, but who has the time to keep up on the […]


October: A Free PHP Laravel-Based CMS Platform

Over the past few years Laravel has become one of the most beloved PHP frameworks of the entire industry. It offers a solution for every situation with plenty of room for extending your own libraries. Most CMS engines are built on top of their own libraries but a newcomer named October CMS does just the […]