Create your own Icon Fonts with Iconical for Mac

Icon designers are more than familiar with the process of converting vector art into PNGs or even SVGs for the web. But what about the process of creating an icon font? This is often much more convoluted and requires a little understanding of typeface construction. However a new Mac application named Iconical is making the […]


HTML5 DevConf in sunny San Francisco Autumn 2015

A large gathering of web & software developers named HTML5DevConf runs from October 19th-23rd in San Francisco, CA. It’s meant to bring together folks with varying levels of knowledge together for sharing and learning. Here’s the conference’s brief summary copied from the official website: HTML5Devconf is the largest gathering of technical software developers, designers and […]


MangoMap pulls custom Maps for Any Device

Free APIs like Google Maps offer a decent option for developers who need in-page maps. While they work great and most people are familiar with functionality, they don’t typically offer as many custom features right of the box. Coding your own customized features is a hassle, though an option for advanced devs with extra time. […]


Infographic Covering the latest Magento 2.0 Updates

A Magento Solution Partner named Forix just recently published an incredible infographic on the changes of Magento 2.0. This infographic is visually appealing but also highly educational. It covers the new user experience, product/form creation, and of course new backend features for Magento developers. One of the Forix guys allowed us to republish the infographic […]


Photoshop Hunt collects the best Photoshop Resources

Almost everyone knows about Product Hunt and its vast audience of tech enthusiasts. Well a new site called Photoshop Hunt is following suit as a resource for designers. Photoshop Hunt collects the best plugins, scripts, actions, and similar PS resources all in one place. Users of the site can vote up their favorite resources to […]