Infographic Covering the latest Magento 2.0 Updates

A Magento Solution Partner named Forix just recently published an incredible infographic on the changes of Magento 2.0. This infographic is visually appealing but also highly educational. It covers the new user experience, product/form creation, and of course new backend features for Magento developers. One of the Forix guys allowed us to republish the infographic […]


Photoshop Hunt collects the best Photoshop Resources

Almost everyone knows about Product Hunt and its vast audience of tech enthusiasts. Well a new site called Photoshop Hunt is following suit as a resource for designers. Photoshop Hunt collects the best plugins, scripts, actions, and similar PS resources all in one place. Users of the site can vote up their favorite resources to […]


Relay.io connects Sketch & Adobe Software with Slack

Large design teams often rely on digital communication to share updated versions of projects or new creative resources. Since design software now includes a myriad of Adobe programs + Sketch App, it only makes sense to connect everything into a single platform. This is the goal of Relay.io. Designers can now share resources directly through […]


The best CC0 Stock Photos from Free-Images.cc

With so many free photo sites like Unsplash and Pexels it can be tough to know where to turn. I think it’s useful to bookmark all of them which allows designers a greater size of quality photos to choose from. A new site Free-Images.cc is on the market and waiting for designers just like you! […]


Detectizr extends Modernizr for gathering Visitor Tech Info

The Modernizr detection library is a popular way of pulling which features can run properly for which users. This allows developers to serve up webpages that offer the highest level of capability to individuals. Since Modernizr is open source it does invite developers to create their own additions. One such extension is called Detectizr which […]