30 Stunning Website Designs Inspired by Nature and Landscapes

By / Sep 4, 2013 / Inspiration

Designers use smashing and attractive wide images as an excellent background that gives a website required flair. There are millions of photos to choose all over the web. Depending on your design and needs, you can turn the ordinary image into a powerful tool to attract your clients.


15 Inspiring Examples of Illustration in Web Design

By / Sep 3, 2013 / Inspiration

Even though the hot trend now in web design seems to be big and bold images, the use of illustrations is not dead. Illustrations are certainly a good way to give a design personality. From illustrated icons and small details, to hand drawn backgrounds, you can choose your own approach on how to incorporate this…


Branding Inspiration: Beautiful and Elegant Examples

By / Aug 30, 2013 / Inspiration

Branding is something pretty challenging and it requires a lot of talent to create something that will represent a brand in the best possible way. This is why I think branding projects are so great. You can analyze how designers choose colors, dimensions, typography and textures, how they deliver an identity that will be the…


10 Super Useful Free Flat UI Kits

By / Aug 29, 2013 / Freebies

In web design, we are continuing to see a move toward simplicity. We’re seeing fewer websites that are over-designed, and more that are focused on letting the content shine. On the graphical element level, this trend has taken on the name of “Flat Design”. This means less decorative elements like gradients, reliefs, and realistic forms…


6 Not-So-Obvious Mistakes Freelance Web Designers Make

By / Aug 27, 2013 / Tips

Okay, I’m all coffee-d up so I’m ready to talk about my most favorite thing in the whole wide world – mistakes. Actually, favorite is not the right word…despised sounds more like it.


15 Websites with Beautiful Typography

By / Aug 26, 2013 / Inspiration

We are continuing to see more an more web designers realize the importance of typography. And with services like Typekit, Google Fonts, and Fontdeck, web designers are experiencing more freedom than ever to get creative with type in their designs. So for this post, we have another collection of inspiring web Typography to show you….


Product Design: Eames Chairs

By / Aug 22, 2013 / Inspiration

Eames designs are certainly iconic. Everyone of us know at least two or three of their famous chairs. I would even risk saying that most of us dream about having a nice Eames in our offices or living rooms. Charles and Ray Eames definitely made major contributions to modern furniture and architecture, specially if we…


12 Hand Written Fonts for Designers

By / Aug 20, 2013 / Resources

There’s something incredibly sweet and almost romantic about using a handwritten font for design projects. Handwritten fonts add an extra ounce of personality, and give me a feeling similar similar to a homemade apple pie from my mother that would be waiting for me when I came home to after school.


18 Examples of Beautiful Image Usage in Web Design

By / Aug 19, 2013 / Inspiration

We can say that lately images are taking center stage in web design. And thanks to that, we’ve been seeing some really beautiful websites where sleek images are the focal point and the “attention grabber”. From minimalist concepts to full background images, there are several different approaches to image usage in web design. So today…


9 jQuery Plugins for Improving Website Navigation

By / Aug 15, 2013 / Tools

Navigation is arguably the most important part of website. Without it, visitors would not be able to move from page to page and view the content. Thinking about the best approach to your website navigation is a very important part of the creative process. So, as designers and developers, it’s good to know that we…