Retalk Catalogs the best Talks on Design & Development

It can take 15-20 minutes of browsing YouTube to find a good video on the topic you’re looking for. Conferences around the world often record their presentations and set the up on video sharing websites for free. Sometimes you’ll even find playlists of these videos, but who has the time to keep up on the […]


October: A Free PHP Laravel-Based CMS Platform

Over the past few years Laravel has become one of the most beloved PHP frameworks of the entire industry. It offers a solution for every situation with plenty of room for extending your own libraries. Most CMS engines are built on top of their own libraries but a newcomer named October CMS does just the […]


SassDoc is your local built-in Documentation Creator

If you work in Sass then you know it’s an incredible language with many benefits. One of the most confusing aspects tends to be a management of things like variables, mixins, and other Sass-related things. Well SassDoc offers a free open source solution to this problem. Now you can compile your own custom-built Sass documentation […]


JavaScript Library for Copying Text & Clipboard Management

Users often rely on copy/paste to fill out form fields or rearrange content on a dynamic website. Clipboard.js is a brand new library that’s completely free for any web project. Some developers use the auto-copy feature which copies text whenever a user selects a field. This can be useful for copying generated links or blocks […]


Cycle Tab switches between your Chrome New Tab Extensions

Many extensions have been developed for Google Chrome that allow users to add special data into their new tabs. Rather than leaving them blank or setting a homepage, each new tab can instead be customized with add-ons like Momentum or Giphy Tabs. But what if you like a few of these different extensions? Well Cycle […]


Plone Conference 2015 to be hosted in Bucharest

Between the many popular open source platforms it’s tough to make time for new additions. Plone CMS is an open source Python framework that’s been around for years. It has a growing community and a whole bunch of support. There’s also a big annual conference named Plone Conf which will reemerge in 2015. It’ll kick […]