Designious Design Bundle Giveaway

By / Jan 31, 2011 / Giveaways

Our friends at Designious have put together another design bundle. This time the Design Cocktail is worth $724, but they’re selling it for only $29. They’ve been generous enough to provide us with 10 bundles to give away to our readers. To be eligible to win, all you have to do is leave a comment…


Key Elements in Designing a Product Landing Page

By / Jan 31, 2011 / Tips

Landing pages for product sales can be seen everywhere. Affiliate marketers are constantly examining some of the newer techniques to mastering digital e-commerce. When the situation involves just a small market segment, the rules for landing page design can change. Overall it takes a strong designer’s eye to create something extraordinary. Product landing pages offer…


12 Fun & Clever Examples of HTML5

By / Jan 28, 2011 / Inspiration

Last week, the future of the web got a logo.  Just another reminder that, love it or hate it, HTML5 is here to stay and it IS the new standard.  We’ve done some cool round-ups on here before that give several great examples of new sites made with HTML5.  Instead of a repeat performance I…


40+ Superb Examples of Fisheye Photography

By / Jan 27, 2011 / Inspiration

Today we are showcasing some awesome examples of Fish Eye Photography. This type of photography utilizes a special lens to produce really unusual but creative perspectives. It makes regular planes or lines, distorted and curved. The resulting images are unlike those taken with any other lens. So, for your inspiration, we’ve collected 40+ Awesome Looking…


WDL Premium: Winged Scrolls Vector Pack

By / Jan 26, 2011 / Premium

Our friends at Go Media continue to put out amazing stuff. Here’s one of their new vector packs for our WDL Premium Members. This pack, called Winged Scrolls, is a set of highly detailed vectors that combine the crowd appeal of illustrated wings and the functionality of scrolls. There are 10 vectors included.


9 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

By / Jan 25, 2011 / Tools

Compared to the other major web browsers, Google Chrome is still relatively new. However, it’s popularity continues to grow rapidly. Here on WDL, Chrome is the second most used browser by our readers, right behind Firefox. With that in mind, and considering that most of you are web designers or in a related field, we…


25 Excellent Examples of Forms in Web Design

By / Jan 24, 2011 / Inspiration

Forms are something really important for a website. From really simple and direct ones to fancy, colorful and creative, there is a form style for each site. When thinking about the interface design of your website, this is certainly an element you should focus on.


25 Fresh and Useful Icon Sets

By / Jan 21, 2011 / Freebies

We all love icons. They can help give life to a website, but it’s been a little while since we’ve rounded up some free icon sets for you. So, here we have a list of 25 fresh and useful icon sets that are professionally designed for various purposes. I’m sure you’ll find them useful when…


BrushLovers Photoshop Brush Giveaway

By / Jan 20, 2011 / Giveaways

Update: This giveaway has ended and we’ve selected the winners. Congratulations to these 10 WDL readers: Lori Rick Yvaine Pdubya Pam KAL Allie G K King Breed Alex Perez BrushLovers has one of the largest collections of exclusive, high-quality Photoshop brushes on the Web. Now they’ve teamed up with us to run a very generous…


10 Useful jQuery Plugins for Images

By / Jan 20, 2011 / Freebies

We all know and love jQuery for its flexibility and many uses. But some of the most impressive jQuery applications are those that involve images. It really can allow you to do some useful stuff and even add a “wow” factor to your project. So here we’ve rounded up 10 jQuery plugins to help you…