20 Design Blogs Worth Reading

By / Aug 3, 2010 / Resources

With so many web design blogs available on the Internet it can be hard to know which ones are worth checking out, so we have compiled a list of 20 web design/development blogs we think you should try and read. Some of the websites in this list you will have heard of but some are…


25 Nature Related Web Designs to Inspire You

By / Aug 1, 2010 / Inspiration

A while ago we published a list with 50 Green Web Designs to Inspire You, and the post was a hit. This time we decided to focus on green websites, but green by meaning nature related websites – eco-friendly stuff, organic food, reusable energy, etc. So today you will get inspired not only by web design but also by eco-friendly ideas, which is simply great! I hope you enjoy.


30 Incredible Examples of Macro Photography

By / Jul 30, 2010 / Inspiration

Macro photography is all about capturing things up close. There are special lenses designed specifically for this task, and they are very good at capturing the smallest of details on tiny objects. There is so much detail around us that goes unnoticed by the naked eye, but thanks to this type of photography, we get…


How to Promote Your Design Business on the Cheap

By / Jul 29, 2010 / Tips

Ah … the life of a freelancer. It’s not enough that you’re creative and technically savvy. No, you have to be a clever businessperson as well. No matter how talented you are, when starting out you probably won’t get clients unless you pound the pavement for them. But you likely don’t have the time or…


WDL Premium: Marker Icon Set from IconDock

By / Jul 28, 2010 / Premium

Today we’re giving our WDL Premium Members a beautiful set of icons from IconDock. The Marker Icon Setis inspired by the iPhone Notes app. The design is very versatile and combining them with handwritten fonts can add a personal touch to your design. We are giving you the pixel version, but there is also a…


50 Inspiring Examples of Texture in Web Design

By / Jul 27, 2010 / Inspiration

Our first post showcasing 50 Inspiring Textured Web Designs was a success and we received several nice comments and feedbacks from you guys – something we love by the way. So, based on that and also to show you that textures are a hit and there is always something new pooping around, we gathered this second list.


10 Free Online Books for Web Designers

By / Jul 26, 2010 / Freebies

There’s a never ending supply of information out there for us web designers. If there’s something we need to learn, we can find it in one form or another. Sometimes it may be on a blog or it could be in a book. While you may have to shell our some money for a good…


Go Media Arsenal Ultimate Collection Giveaway

By / Jul 23, 2010 / Freebies

Update: This giveaway has ended and we’ve selected a winner. Congratulations to @Crzyhnk. Go Media is one of the most popular design firms around, and for good reason. They do incredible work, and with their Arsenal, they provide premium artwork to some of the most recognized brands in the world, like Nike, Adidas, and NBC…


10 New High-Quality Fonts for Your Designs

By / Jul 22, 2010 / Freebies

If you’ve been a reader of WDL for a while, you’ve probably noticed that we try to make your life a little easier. One way we do this is by finding high-quality freebies for you to use in your designs. If we spend the time hunting them down, you don’t have to. That way you…


WDL Premium: Vintage Seamless Vector Patterns

By / Jul 21, 2010 / Premium

Today we’re releasing a set of vintage seamless vector patterns for our WDL Premium Members. This set from Designious has 10 vintage style vector seamless patterns that can be scaled to any size. They can be used to fill a specific area or an entire background to give your design an old world feel.