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New features in Photoshop CC 2015 from Adobe MAX Presentation

Adobe MAX has revealed some incredible new programs and updates to older ones. Adobe users are chattering on about these features and about how they’ll impact creative workflows. A presentation at Adobe MAX covered some of the latest CC 2015 features in Adobe Photoshop. While the Photoshop website has a full list of features, it’s…


SmartIcons for Designers: A Large(and growing) SVG Icon Catalog

Free and premium icons are some of the most prominent freebies currently on the web. But what about combining iconsets into one location for easy-access? This is the plan of SmartIcons which is building the most diverse library of SVG-based vector icons. You can sign up for free and get access to a number of…


Photoshop Hunt collects the best Photoshop Resources

Almost everyone knows about Product Hunt and its vast audience of tech enthusiasts. Well a new site called Photoshop Hunt is following suit as a resource for designers. Photoshop Hunt collects the best plugins, scripts, actions, and similar PS resources all in one place. Users of the site can vote up their favorite resources to…


Relay.io connects Sketch & Adobe Software with Slack

Large design teams often rely on digital communication to share updated versions of projects or new creative resources. Since design software now includes a myriad of Adobe programs + Sketch App, it only makes sense to connect everything into a single platform. This is the goal of Relay.io. Designers can now share resources directly through…


ComponentHub can build Reusable Ps, Ai, and Sketch Elements

How many times have you needed to copy elements from an existing document to recreate a design? Vector shapes are easy, but cross-platform shapes don’t play as nice. How do you edit anchor points from an Illustrator vector when it’s ported into Photoshop or Sketch? This may not be a huge problem but it’s always…


Tools & Webapps for Creating your own Infographics

Infographics have become all the rage with Internet lovers. They provide quick & easy factual information related to a certain topic. I have always loved the idea but never thought it would catch on so quickly. Looking over Google you can find so many examples of refined infographics on nearly any subject.


Iconjar App organizes your Icon Library for Free

How many times have you been digging through folders in search of a particular icon or iconset? This has always been my traditional workflow, but it seems a new app Iconjar offers a sleek alternative. The program is only for Mac OS X 10.10 or later so unfortunately Windows & Linux users will have to…

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