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WordPress and State of the Word 2015

Recently, the inaugural WordCamp US was held in Philadelphia, wherein Matt Mullenweg delivered his 10th annual State of the Word address. A lot many things were mentioned in State of the Word 2015 by Mullenweg, with the highlight of the speech being the fact that WordPress now powers over 25% of the internet.


Looking for the Best Cyber Monday Deals for Designers?

Whoever thought up Cyber Monday must have been tired of waiting in long for the stores to open. Now, you can shop at your leisure. You don’t have to wait in line or try to elbow your way from one place to the next. We’re making it even easier by showing you who has the…


Calypso is WordPress’ Latest Update Utilizing JavaScript

WordPress is getting ready to disrupt itself, with six major releases in the past two years they are getting ready to release their greatest update yet. The update comes from the struggle faced during the reboot with the MP6 project and the version 3.8 release not providing much of an improvement to the platform. The…


PHP 7: What’s New & How Will It Affect a WordPress Site?

PHP 7, a major update to the server-side web development language PHP, is right around the corner. According to PHP 7 project timetable mentioned on PHP.net wiki, if everything goes as planned, its final version will be released on Nov 12, 2015. Meanwhile, you as a future user may consider playing around with the latest…


6 Tips for a Smarter WordPress Blog

Let’s be clear, an ‘instinctively smart’ WordPress Blog is one which will hold your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. Funnily enough, it’s not all about content quality (although it is a pretty huge factor). Sometimes, things as simple as a reply to a loyal commenter or adding ‘recommended for you’ section based on individual…


Convert your HTML Website to WordPress Theme With This Simple Tool

As simple as 1, 2, 3…. . It only takes three steps to convert your traditional HTML website to a WordPress site in 15 seconds or less. This handy tool not only saves you the time it takes to recode the site, but also saves you money! The average cost to convert a site to…


With Be Theme and 130+ Pre-made Layouts, the Sky’s the Limit

 Once you have an idea how you want your website to look, the first step is to take that idea and create a conceptual design. Once the conceptual design is firmed up, you can begin the page building process. The problem is, creating a website from scratch isn’t usually that easy. Creating a workable conceptual…

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