10 Beautiful Letterpress Business Cards

By / Feb 8, 2009 / Inspiration

Like many other creative types out there, I am fascinated with great looking business cards. That is why we recently launched a new site called Card Observer. In the two weeks of being live, Card Observer has received tons of great submissions, of which many have been letterpress printed cards. If you are not familiar with letterpress, it is the process of inking a raised surface and then pressing it into the stock.

Here are 10 of the best ones we’ve seen so far at Card Observer.

Click the pictures to see more details about each card.

Whitney Shaw

Whitney Shaw

Butter Label

Butter Label

Amelia Lyon

Amelia Lyon

Jason McGrew

Jason McGrew

Kyle Van Horn

Kyle Van Horn

Bryon Darby

Bryon Darby

Blue Bird Design

Blue Bird Design

The Mandate Press

The Mandate Press

D. James Goodwin

D. James Goodwin

IQ Videography

IQ Videography

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  • http://www.matthewduerksen.com matthew duerksen

    Great examples! I love letterpress, getting my new business cards letterpressed!


  • http://piratasdaprotasio.blogspot.com/ Pat Anzanello


  • http://dsgn.pw-software.com Nokadota

    I think it’s time for a new business card. :)

  • http://www.highresolutiontextures.com 2lip

    brilliant pieces of design! you might want to check out this site, which I stumbled across today. probably lots of material for Cardobserver there as well:


  • http://jamiefavreau.wordpress.com Jamie Favreau

    Great designs!

  • http://www.patternhead.com Patternhead

    These letterpress business cards look great.

  • http://www.nineliondesign.com Chikezie Ejiasi

    I love the embossed feel of those. It really adds depth to the card – literally :). Does that cost extra? I’m sure a lot of communication has to happen between the designer & the printer to get something like that.

  • http://www.logodesignguru.com Logo Design Guru

    these are great. I love the embossed work. You don’t always see that so often anymore and I think it’s nice. Thanks

  • http://www.g34media.com Missy

    This reminds me of American Psycho, you know the movie in which Bates has bus card envy and goes berserk over the dude who has a “prettier” card than his. LoL.

    P.S. Am really digin the blue bird design.

  • http://modestmessages.com Michael

    @Missy Agreed, the card from Blue Bird Design stands out from the rest.

  • http://www.przyroda.org.pl Sklep Wędkarski

    Jason’s McGrew card is amazing.

  • http://www.cluedesign.com.au Clue Design

    Love the detail of the Mandate Press card – beautiful. A card like this demands attention.

  • http://www.robsteele.co.uk rob

    think i going to design myself some new business cards!!

  • http://www,jasonmcgrewphotography.com Jason McGrew

    Thanks for posting up my card on here! The Mandate Press did an outstanding job on them, along with my designer LIz, from Ruk Creative.

  • http://www.joelvandyke.com Joel Van Dyke

    Wow, some really elegantly tactile cards!

  • Matt

    Nice, but overdone. Would love to see some stylish minimalist ones that don’t cost a fortune to print.

  • http://www.businesscarddesign.co.nz/ Rajita- Business card design

    I think Kyle manHorn Business card is really stylish

  • Chris

    These cards are great! Glad to see that Dolce Press had 2 cards in the list (they printed my business cards as well).

    Check their blog out: http://www.dolcepress.com/blog

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  • Kyle Jensen

    How much does a run of 100 letterpressed cards usually cost??

  • http://friendfiles.wordpress.com camille

    Very nice collection. I love letterpress work…the richness of texture and the interesting affects are always great to see. The letterpress process really adds an essence of 3D character to a 2D product. Thank you for the wonderful post!

  • http://austindesigncompany.com Misty James

    Can you recommend a good company for printing business cards with letterpress? These cards are awesome!

  • http://slowprint.com Peter Fraterdeus

    Check out my site at SlowPrint.com
    We specialize in letterpress business cards for designers!

    Thanks for the cool note!



  • http://www.ronarts.com Ron Arts Web Design

    These cards are amazing! nice collections, thanks for sharing.

  • H.Aliabadi

    we think it’s time for a new business card

  • http://www.squidoo.com/green-printing-pro Green Printing

    Letterpress is so cool!

    I love how intricate some of these designs are. Awesome examples.

  • http://pixelcards.net Pixelcards

    Blue bird design looks like its for twitter.. lol..
    I like your designs..