10 Useful Website Analytics Tools

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When you start a website, no matter if you have chosen a top business hosting package or a cheap website hosting package, you will find various website analysis tools in your web hosting admin panel. Website analysis tools, such as Awstats, are typically included in both business hosting and cheap website hosting packages and these tools are indeed good. However, if you want options when it comes to website analytics tools, here are some suggestions.


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If you like Awstats, you will certainly appreciate JAWStats as well. JAWStats runs in conjunction with Awstats and produces more graphics than Awstats.


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Goingup! is one more tool website stats freaks will love because it offers many kinds of statistical data, which is represented in visually attractive ways. A substantial part of the functionality of goingup! is SEO-related, so if you don’t use any other SEO-tools, this tool will do this job as well.


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Clicky also made the list of useful website analysis tools not only because it has tons of great features but also because it is one of the few website analysis tools you can use from your iPhone.

Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is rightfully considered one of the best because it is really a comprehensive tool, which gives you tons of useful data about your site.


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W3Counter is a free, hosted website analytics solution for answering the key questions about your website: who’s your audience, how they find your site, and what interests them.


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Woopra is another excellent website analysis package. It has many, many features and there are webmasters, who name Woopra, not Google Analytics, the most comprehensive website analysis tool.


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W3Perl can use server’s logfiles and/or be used as a page tagging tool. The perl scripts analyze logfiles and produce HTML/PDF reports. It can be run from the command line or from the web interface.


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Piwik has all the features you can expect from analysis application. Its main advantage is that its features come in the form of plugins, which means you can choose which features to get and which to skip.


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TraceWatch lets you keep track of the visitors to your website in real time with detailed statistics and deep analysis using an innovative user interface for FREE and helps you make your website more effective. It can be easily installed on any website supporting PHP and MySQL. You only need to upload some files to your server.


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Unlike almost all the other tools on the list, which are either used on the server of their developer, or have to be installed on your web host, Snoop is a desktop application. Snoop has a Windows and Mac version and after you install it, it runs in your tray and you get notified if an important event on your site occurs.

Certainly there are other great and useful website analysis tools in addition to the ones we have listed. If you try them and see that they aren’t what you are looking for, rest assured – there are many more website analytics tools for you to try! You can always start with the website analysis tools in your web hosting account but sooner or later you will feel the need to find more tools and get more data in addition to what you are getting for free with your business hosting or your cheap website hosting.

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  • http://www.jordanwalker.net Jordan Walker

    Thanks for the list, I have been trying out JAWstats and really like it.

  • http://feedgrids.com Dimi

    Is google analytics not enough? I am surprised there are so many other ones out there, I wonder what the user base is like for them.

    Great list though, I will check a few of them out, thanks.

  • http://www.digi-info.de Daniel Bönisch

    Not to forget: Econda (http://www.econda.de/). A very useful and powerful tool, not only for e-commerce websites. It is especially recommendable for its data privacy protection which is a big concern for european webmasters – or at least it will be. For example, in Germany Google Analytics comes increasingly under fire by the federal data protection commissioner. Better watch out for a more suitable and sustainable solution.

  • http://ansh.thisisitonline.info Amberly

    Thanks for the long list..
    This is amazing.

  • http://buero.stoltenhoff.de jan stoltenhoff

    … and where is mint? i’m loving it :-) it’s perfect for a quick first sight: http://www.haveamint.com (unfortunately not free)

    • http://designwoop.com Stu Greenham

      I was just going to say the same thing I cannot beleive Mint is missed off!

  • http://www.simonday.com Simon Day

    I’ve been using GA since launch. I simply couldn’t live without it and the customisation makes it the best choice out there in my opinion.

  • Jon

    GoingUp! = TEH BEST! Really enjoyed using their service. Plus, its FREE lol.

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    thanks for sharing. I bookmarked this page.

  • http://www.danielneumann.com Daniel

    I’ve been beta testing http://kissmetrics.com/. I really like their focus on goals and funnels. GA is great but staying focused on some key metrics is sometimes more actionable for me.

  • http://www.jeffwoodruff.net Jeff Woodruff

    Very cool. I’m a big fan of Google analytics but I look forward to trying some of these other services out. Thanks for sharing.

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    Amazing list…We’re using Google Analytics.. but would like to try few more…

    Thanks for sharing this great resources…

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    Quantcast is a great tool along with analytics

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    What no slimstat?

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    helping stuff, thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Daniel Long

    I have only used Google Analytics in the past. It is easy to use and gathers a lot of information which is easy to read and interpret.
    There looks like there are some other good ones here which I will be very interested in trying.

  • http://lava360.com Lava360

    good to know that Google analytic is not the one king of the ring. thanks for this great list

  • http://www.nopun.com Noel Wiggins

    I can’t wait to be invites to use snoop that seems like a really cool tool.

    google analytics is good But I hate that its a day late.

    I would love to have realtime reporting…
    And the path a user takes would be great as well I will try out some of these that I haven’t herd of before…

    Thanks and Regards

    Noel for Nopun.com
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    So many, I just use one.

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    Thanks for doin’ the work here. Well done. I’ll retweet for mobile developers.

  • http://doctype.tv Nick Pettit

    All great stuff! For web analytics on the iPhone, I really like the “Analytics” app, along with Ego (for Twitter, RSS, and some other stats).

    Has anyone else tried these? They’re absolutely great, IMO.

  • http://www.algozone.com/ Anatoly Gilderman

    While I have been a big fan of Google Analytics, I have also tried using GoingUp and GetClicky and I have to say that they are both nice to use.

  • http://akhmadsudrajat.wordpress.com/ AKHMAD SUDRAJAT

    Nice, but I dont use anyone yet, because I don’t understand how to use it. Any advice?

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  • http://www.sheepishdesign.org Luke Frederick

    I can see a real use for Trace Watch. Many clients would love to see the real time process on their website. So much can be learned about user habits which informs website structure.

  • http://seo2.0.onreact.com Tad Chef

    goingup! is actually down – Support and forum are down as well. You can register but all you can see when you log in is the “come back in a few minutes” sign. It’s on for at least 2 days in a row.

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  • KiH

    There’s a really good one that’s come about: http://www.picnet.com.au/met. It tracks the mouse movements and clicks of your visitors and much more. The developers will be integrating google analytics data in to it soon.

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    check out this one, looks great and promising
    lionyzer is still beta, so not so many people know about it
    but it has some really fancy features – api, serch engines trends stats, etc

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    I prefer Quantcast.com – it is a great analytics system with detailed reports and traffic statistics.

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    If you’re looking at your analytics for your site I’d suggest using http://raventools.com, so you can connect your rank tracking information and changes to your site’s Google Analytics.

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