15 Impressive and Beautiful Uses of WordPress

By / Apr 29, 2009 / Inspiration

WordPress is no longer just used to power blogs. It has become the CMS of choice for many web designers. It’s always interesting to see how it’s flexibility provides web designers with the freedom to design sites with no limitations. Here are 15 beautiful web sites all powered by WordPress.

Creative Depart

Creative Depart

Big Spaceship

Big Spaceship



20 jours pour la retrouver par Kevin Polof

20 jours pour la retrouver par Kevin Polof

Search Inside Video

Search Inside Video



App Storm

App Storm







Alpha Multimedia Solutions

Alpha Multimedia Solutions

the Art of Catalin Bridinel

the Art of Catalin Bridinel







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Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

  • http://prandall.com Paul Randall

    Some great examples of what can be acheived in WordPress. Really inspirational.

  • http://www.patternhead.com Patternhead

    Nice list. Like the look of Ugsmag and Icondock is amazing.

  • http://www.whiteafrican.com hash

    These are great looking sites using WordPress, thanks for putting them up. What’s missing though is a sentence on what you think is so special/unique about each one.

  • http://adelineyaw.com Adeline

    The list of great looking WP sites just keeps growing :)

  • Yitzhak Benezra

    Great. Thank you

  • http://www.ryanbickett.com Ryan Bickett

    I love to see examples of WordPress being used as a complete CMS versus just a blog engine. This is a great list. I am bookmarking this as inspiration!

    Thanks for the post!

  • http://theMaskedDesigner.com The Masked Designer

    Thanks for the post. I love to see what others are doing with WP.

    I’m surprised that Joshua Davis’ site isn’t listed. It is a great WP site with even better work.


  • http://www.mediabarninc.com stevegmag

    Good Stuff. We’ve done some custom WP template work in the past. Always good to see others delivering good design implementations with WP.

  • http://www.timothybsmith.com Tim Smith

    Wow!! Cool list! I didn’t know that so many sites are using WordPress!! That’s good WP rocks!

  • Mikael

    These are great, thanks for posting them. Our website design studio also loves utilizing WP for sites.

  • http://waz.waz Waz

    Waz thinks: wordpress is for geeks, Joomla for nerds, and notepad2 for the experts!

  • http://lowquality.net Justin

    way to be smarmy, Waz. You messed up your url in the comment box. notepad2 indeed.

  • http://www.numclique.net Joares Miranda

    My entire website was built in WP, if want: http://jmiranda.com.br

  • http://www.looogo-web.com/ kamrul

    Yes word press is a great way to publish websites. I am convinced.

  • http://www.techtola.com Quakeboy

    Why does wordpress needs to be credited for the designers capabiity.. kinda stupid title i say

  • http://www.inscribedusbs.com Hiro

    Very impressive samples.

  • http://www.albert-pak.com Albert Pak

    Very nice :) I really like IconDock WP set up :)

  • http://blog.gaborit-d.com olybop

    Nice ! i’d like the IconDock WP theme too like Albert

  • http://creamycss.com/ Creamy CSS

    Great collection! Really beautiful use of WP.

  • http://www.bettersextips.net Anika

    What a sexy blog, love the theme, what are you using?

  • http://bestdigitalandprintablecards.blogspot.com/ Kelly D

    Just came across your post. I found it informative for me and I’m sure many others. I did also have small trouble subscribing to the blog but figured it out; I’m still a 2-finger typist :) . Thank you and keep your blogging spirit going strong.

  • http://www.bestwebcents.com Rock Your Web

    Nice article. Good job.

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    That was a nice read

  • http://ganiyaes.co.cc/ joded

    Nicely article

  • http://printedproof.com printedproof

    Great collection! Love WordPress.

  • http://andyshaw.me Andy Shaw

    Every other CMS should bow in the presence of the master, that is WordPress!

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  • http://www.betws-y-coed.net Colin

    What a fantastic array of design choice in these 15 templates. Professional web designers need to start shaking in their boots.

  • http://www.gebelikvebebek.com gebelik

    i like this site. i added on my bookmark i thanks

  • http://www.elmastudio.de manuel

    great collection, thx

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    Thanks for the very helpful collection of cheat sheets! Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and the detailed information you offer!

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  • http://samrelan.com Sam Relan

    This is infact a great collection. I would like to recommend to take a look at CSSJockey’s portfolio as well. They have amazing creations as well. http://CSSJockey.com/portfolio I guess.

  • http://www.prontanet.lt Svetainu kurimas

    Wow this is useful. Thanks.

  • http://www.junowebdesign.com JunoWebDesign

    Great designs.. makes me fell like we need a revamp!

  • http://www.dtechit.co.uk Andy Fitzpatrick

    Wonderful designs and inspires you to do more thanks for these

  • http://www.webtunegocio.com Andhrus

    Very Nice design! look excellent! Thanks for sharing…

  • http://www.webdesigners-hub.com Vijendra Mishra

    Nice Post these websites are awesome … now i decided that i’m gonna build my site on wordpress….

  • http://themovingarts.com red

    Very cool. WordPress is better than most CMS I’ve used.

  • http://www.anchorwave.com Ben Blodgett

    Ahh wordpress is fun, we recently redid our site with it and its awesome!

  • Louise

    Hi :-)

    Great assemblage of WP execution!
    I’d love to know whether “Creative Depart” realy is built on WP and what Theme they are using … thanks for letting me know 😉

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  • http://www.sonu.im Sonu

    Amazing List, WordPress is really great CMS … if you have wordpress you can think beyond boundaries (-:

  • http://www.medicareoptions4u.com Freedom Blue

    A great selection of beautifully designed websites! I am using WordPress as CMS too. The only thing I wished would be better is the menu. You always have to do a ‘detour’ to get the pages you want in the menu. Pagemash is a useful plugin this regard, but something like it should be built in WordPress by default.

  • http://www.brillcreative.co.uk rjbrill

    Having been using WordPress for the last few years I would say it is one of the most useful and easiest CMS’ for designers, developers and users to create, develop and maintain websites and these sites are all great examples of its power, good article.

  • http://www.energyefficientwindow.info Faith Simmons

    WordPress is the best blogging platform ever. It is much better than Typepad and blogspot.,,.

  • http://www.learn2playguitarfast.com Learn Master Guitar

    I am wondering whether upgrading to WP 3.0 will affect my current theme? I heard that a couple plug-ins have problems after upgrading, but might the upgrade break themes too? Does anybody have information on that? Thanks for answering!

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    Thank you for posting it, it’s a great inspiring list.

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    Thanks, very interesting.

  • http://designpx.com/ Jason

    WordPress can do anything.

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    excellent post…. i like list of designs…
    WordPress is best thing by which you do just about everything you would desire to do on the web. with the help of it you can make attractive web designs.

  • http://barcelona-underground.com liudic

    Awesome list. This was the original post that inspired us to create our social network on barcelona-underground. Alot more forums, blogs and videos were watched and read after this post but just wanted to say thanks for the original inspiration :)

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    You might wanna add my site Moviesdig.com which is also made in wordpress and looks better than some of the above sites.

    • http://fernandobiz Fernando

      Great idea Osman. btw how long have you been your wits up and running? good one for the audience. the best way to build traffic is to build up traffic by sharing and giving out other people more traffic.

  • Jan

    Looking at this gallery of sites, I always compare them mentally to early web design efforts or at least mine (which I remember the most and were pretty terrible). I noticed how sites migrated from having all the info laid out vertically to now horizontally (but no rolling off the page) placing blocks of different data next to each other. I’ve always been curious as to when this method of laying out data first began, whether this method has an actual name, where it may have of originated from and what sort of fields you need to read up on concerning page layout/placing data appropriately on the page.

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