20 Best WordPress Ecommerce Themes

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WordPress is a great platform for setting up an online store, and there is a wide range of themes available to help sellers reach target customers. This post presents 20 of the best ecommerce themes, including both free and premium examples, covering storefront templates aimed at a variety of niche markets.

1. Store

ecommerce wordpress themes

The Store template is a great ecommerce WordPress theme, with a really good-looking and functional interface; it’s easy-to install and maintain with accessible backend administration. The theme’s creators are available for pre-sales questions and customer support.

2. Ecommerce Theme

ecommerce wordpress themes

This is a very popular theme enabling users to set up and manage effective ecommerce stores. The theme is search engine optimised and customisable so can be adapted to suit any home-based business niche.

3. AppCloud

ecommerce wordpress themes

AppCloud is a beautifully clean and professional looking theme, with a two-column layout, integrated slideshow and the choice of horizontal or vertical orientation for images and apps. The theme’s ecommerce features include featured, top-selling and categorised product lists.

4. eShop

ecommerce wordpress themes

This theme offers extreme ease of use for both sellers and customers, simple to configure with an intuitive and crisply designed interface. The template has powerful features and can be tweaked to suit any product.

5. WP Store

ecommerce wordpress themes

Sellers can establish an online store from scratch with this theme, showcasing products and with easy payments, shipping and stock management.

6. Auction Theme

ecommerce wordpress themes

This premium WordPress theme offers users the chance to create an online auction or reverse auction website. Whether its cars or bikes, books or antiques, once the easy-to-use theme is setup traders can auction any kind of property online.

7. Market Theme

ecommerce wordpress themes

Market Theme transforms any WordPress into a fully operational online store. In its default setup the theme has the look and feel of a regular blog, but there are many options to customise the design including the choice of a grid-view shop front to showcase products.

8. Kidz Store

ecommerce wordpress themes

This bright and friendly theme is a great way to present products aimed at children and, more importantly, their parents. The colourful and functional shop front is supported with backend administration and all the necessary ecommerce features.

9. StorePress

ecommerce wordpress themes

This premium theme allows sellers to transform WordPress blogs into accessible online stores with a sleek and professional aesthetic. The design has widget-ready pages, PayPal integration and a solid range of ecommerce tools.

10. eGoods

ecommerce wordpress themes

eGoods is aimed at traders who sell downloadable products and receive payment via PayPal. The theme options include a choice of light or dark colour scheme, both very visually appealing, and customisable layout for images and text. The design includes featured products, bestsellers, recent releases, reduced items and gift vouchers.

11. Vanilla Cart

ecommerce wordpress themes

Vanilla Cart is an attractively minimal and crisply designed shopping theme with thoroughly customisable template. The simple yet beautiful design, with a light colour scheme and the emphasis on product shots, allows the stock to speak for itself.

12. Color Cart

ecommerce wordpress themes

This theme is based on Vanilla Cart, with the added twist of a colour wheel in the options. A choice of eight hues allows users to bring a splash of colour to ecommerce stores, carefully selecting just the right combination to suit their niche market.

13. Cherry Cart

ecommerce wordpress themes

This theme is absolutely minimalist, pared down to a single column with no side bar or blog category. Built around the concept of ‘embracing simplicity and constraint’, Cherry Cart is a remarkably inviting platform in which to showcase products.

14. Classified Ads Theme

ecommerce wordpress themes

This brilliant theme allows users to turn their blogs into classified ads websites. Users manage the site and in return charge to display ads on the site. The design is PayPal integrated, features an admin panel and is fully customisable to suit any classified ads market.

15. folioShop

ecommerce wordpress themes

The folioShop is aimed at sellers who want an attractive and intuitive interface in which to showcase products to be shipped out or downloaded by customers. The theme features an installation wizard, visual help guide and all layered PSD files.

16. ClassiPress

ecommerce wordpress themes

ClassiPress is a professional theme for turning WordPress blogs into classified ads sites. The latest version of the theme features unlimited custom fields and forms, ad packages, blog option, directory-style homepage, email alerts, featured ads carousel, transaction logging and Twitter feed.

17. wpShop

ecommerce wordpress themes

This premium theme presents a great looking ecommerce store in a choice of light or dark colour schemes. The package includes all layered PSD files, installation wizard, help guide and is available in English and German languages.

18. Simple Cart

ecommerce wordpress themes

Simple Cart is a simple and great looking theme for sellers to present products in a gridded shop front, with a friendly wood effect background. The colour scheme can be switched and users may install their own images into the fully customisable design.

19. Tobashop

ecommerce wordpress themes

Tobashop is integrated with another WordPress ecommerce theme, eShop, to make use of the powerful plugins in order to create an online store with a highly professional feel.

20. enVirashop

ecommerce wordpress themes

This theme requires no plugins and offers users all the tools needed to establish an ecommerce niche. The theme is fully customizable so sellers can tailor the perfect online storefront to cater to their target market.

Tom Walker avatar Tom Walker writes for a UK based ecommerce store offering a range of ink next day. He is the lead editor of their blog about design, art and advertising.

  • Helen

    Would be more useful if it was written if the theme is free or “premium”. Takes time to check everyone!

    • w1sh

      I can confirm this. I went through several “premium” ones and found nothing.

  • Valerie

    11, 12 & 13 seem to no longer be available. Links redirect to Templatic.com, where those themes are nowhere to be found.

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  • Mike

    Can anyone recommend a good plugin to add products to one of these sites instead of having to add each product manually?

    • http://coupon-wall.com Web host coupons

      Do you mean importing them to your database? While there are a lot of themes and a lot of plug-ins to make WordPress become a e-commerce platform, I personally think WordPress is not suited for e-commerce stores because it lacks a lot of features such as importing, attributes, report and so on. You should use Magento instead.

  • http://coupon-wall.com Web host coupons

    Some of the first themes are nice. However, some of the last themes are too simple and only suited for small stores.

    • http://se7in.com Se7in

      What’s wrong with a small store? They aren’t “too” anything. It just depends on your needs and there is nothing wrong with using wp for ecommerce. Once again, it depends on what a person needs.

  • http://www.jogosgratispro.com/ Jogos Gratis

    I had a client that needed a wordpress site to sell baby shoes. I spent over 5 hours online looking for a good template with no luck.
    I had to hire someone to create the whole thing from scratch which cost a lot of money and the profits were lower than expected.

    The major problem I found was the payment integration. Most of those templates work great until you need to integrate the payment and the inventory system.

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    These WP themes are really nice. I’m thinking about opening an ecommerce website, but I’m not really sure that WP is the best CMS for that. So, I’m thinking… :)

  • Larry

    The number 1 entry – “Store” has proven to be a nightmare for me. I usually design in Dreamweaver, so it’s been a real shock that there’s not an ounce of intuitive design going on here. Perhaps a code warriors’ dream – not mine. Also – tech support is sending an email and getting a ticket that says they’re working on. Templatic – you kinda blow.

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    I like clean style wordpress themes. Specially your perspective of clean themes is good. Thank you.

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    Love the Vanilla and Color Cart, but can’t get any information to them; all the links are broken???
    Are they still around and does anyone know who to get a hold of them?

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    …and thanks man for this collection.

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    Can you add the Sommerce Shop that i just released on ThemeForest? Is the first e-commerce theme with unlimited backgrounds, 60 custom background, unlimited skins, 200+ fonts, 6 sliders and so on. I think is it very versatile and nice, and i hope you and your readers like it.

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    It is amazing how many options are available in WordPress for an ecommerce website and I thought it was a blogging platform.

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    Has anyone looked into ColorShop?
    It’s a eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It has great attributes filtering and sorting panel. I suggest to have a try for this.
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