20 Clean White Letterpress Business Cards

By / Apr 2, 2010 / Inspiration

Not too long ago I owned a site called Card Observer, which is a gallery of business card designs. Everyday I would have to look through submissions and pick out the best business cards. This was something I really enjoyed and miss doing. So I thought it would be fun to do a showcase of awesome business cards here.

For this post, I’ve rounded up a collection of 20 clean white letterpress business cards that will inspire you. You’ll notice that the clean and minimal approach taken with these designs conveys an overwhelming sense of quality and elegance.

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

business cards

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Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

  • http://www.animhut.com/ sriganesh

    very interesting one – cosh here they dont make this type- very rare

  • http://danyvilela.net Dany Vilela

    It is really hard to create an inspiring business card using white as the main color, since all business cards are white. But this set shows us that colors are not the only option to make a business card remarkable.

    Gret set!

    I also recommand these collection of blue & dark business cards:




    Regards from France.

  • http://www.jordanwalker.net Jordan Walker

    Those are all very beautiful business cards.

  • http://keithmuth.net Keith Muth

    Samantha Warren has some really nice cards that she made for SXSW:

  • http://www.ensitepedia.com/twitter.com/ twitter

    I have never thought about how wonderful these white cars could be.

  • Jason

    The “Bob Evans” card is great.

  • http://lenatailor.designerteam.info Lena Tailor

    Really amazing collection, thank you for sharing.

  • http://www.bizcard.com/ Bizcard

    This level of details on a tiny 3.5×2 is simply amazing. Justifying the price for letterpress or emboss can be difficult, but once you have the product in your hand, you know it was worth every last penny. Nice work.

  • http://sean-pollock.com Sean Pollock

    Really interesting post. I never thought of a plain business card looking good but boy do these ones ever look great!

  • http://www.thomascraigconsulting.com Thomas Craig Consulting

    Brilliant collection, love how clean and professional the letterpress effect creates on the business cards.

  • http://www.xplaye.com Javier Mateos

    The one that says Montage with the ‘g’ horizontal seems to be the best for me, hopefully we’ll decide soon how to develop our letterpress cards. :)

    Stumbled this post, love your tweets also! :)

  • http://coratcoretblog.blogspot.com AnggaRifandi

    Very inspiring business card model, I would like to make my own business card and this list increase my business card reference

  • http://www.midwalesdesign.co.uk/ Mid Wales Design

    Nice collection – very inspiring!

  • Randi Klaber

    How do I go about getting a clean white letterpress business card made up with my information on it?

  • http://cardview.net Cardview

    Clean and beautiful designs . I especially like the last one!

  • http://www.lonocreative.com lono

    its such a shame embossing is such an expensive print method…

    what do you think of our business cards?? we spot uv’d our logo and created such a nice effect.


  • http://businesscarddesignideas.com/ Minimalist Business Card Lover

    Really nice roundup! I like minimalist designs and letter-pressed business cards so these really appeal to me. Nothing can bring the sophisticated look more than a white-pressed letter pressed business card. Love the Penelope Jones one.

  • hydrangea1

    This round up reminds us how simple but high quality ingredients never fail to please. Kudos also to the photographers who captured the dimensions of paper, the embossing, the ink and the different shades of white. Art in small delicious bites.

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  • http://www.mycashloan.biz Cash Loan Bournemouth

    Cool, I need some business cards doing, I’ll have a look at that site.

  • http://www.attitudedesign.co.uk Attitude Design | Graphic Design Portfolio

    Very classy business cards – love the minimalist look.

  • http://www.egyptianwebdesigner.com yehya hafez

    Just one word

  • http://www.dsm-design.co.uk/ DSM Design

    Severe business card envy!!

  • http://www.hanafoto.com/ Maros Hana – a.k.a. Hanafoto

    cool examples
    i need pure black ones

    anyone have idea where to print some at some decent pricing?

  • http://www.cssrex.com/ CSSReX

    Amazing Cards, Love their simplicity..