20 Design Blogs Worth Reading

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With so many web design blogs available on the Internet it can be hard to know which ones are worth checking out, so we have compiled a list of 20 web design/development blogs we think you should try and read. Some of the websites in this list you will have heard of but some are small blogs with fantastic content that we hope you will check out.

Design Instruct

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Design Instruct is a regularly updated web magazine for designers and digital artists where you can find and learn design tips and tricks.

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UX Booth

design blogs

The UX Booth is a blog by and for the user experience community. Our readership consists mostly of beginning-to-intermediate user experience and interaction designers, but anyone interested in making the web a better place to be is welcome.

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Vandelay Design Blog

design blogs

Vandelay Design Blog is a blog which showcases the best in design and resources, it also runs regular giveaways.

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The Web Design Blog

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The Web Design Blog was setup in 2009 by freelance web designer Phil Matthews with the intention of providing web design news, articles, tutorials and interviews for everyone to enjoy!

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Just Creative Design

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Just Creative Design is the personal portfolio of Jacob Cass, the blog includes graphic design tips, articles and resources on most subjects of design.

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Six Revisions

design blogs

Six Revisions is a blog ran by Jacob Gube that publishes practical and useful articles for designers and web developers.

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design blogs

Line25 is a blog ran by Chris Spooner, the site is based around web design and includes a wide range of posts to help feed your creativity.

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Tutorial9 is a collection of teachers, experts, and caring folk from around the world, all gathered in one place to pass along our knowledge to absolutely anyone interested in learning.

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design blogs

Onextrapixel is a blog dedicated to delivering useful, comprehensive and innovative information for designers and web developers.

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Webdesigner Depot

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Webdesigner Depot is an exciting blog designed to explore different web and graphic design techniques, great examples and best practices.

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Design Heaven

design blogs

Design Heaven is a new design blog which posts inspirational articles showcasing the best in design from around the web to help inspire designers.

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Speckyboy Design Magazine was originally the personal portfolio for Paul Andrew but is soon grew into a blog. They cover a large variety of web design and development based topics.

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design blogs

Hongkiat is a technology and design blog that constantly showcase some of the best materials, resources from the Internet to inspire their readers.

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DesignM.ag is a community-based website for web designers and developers. The site includes a popular blog, a user-submitted news section, a design gallery, and a design job board.

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Design Shack

design blogs

Design Shack showcases inspiring web design, alongside resources and tutorials for you to succeed in the same way.

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Colorburned is a design blog featuring some of the best design news, resources, and tutorials from around the web.

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design blogs

PelFusion is a design blog, which covers a large area of web design and development as well as running regular industry related giveaways.

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[Re]Encoded is a resource both for active web designers/developers and for people who simply enjoy good design and want to learn more, see more and do more than they already do.

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Tutorialzine provides you with high-quality tutorials, freebies and resources that will help you with your day-to-day development needs.

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Abduzeedo is a blog about design. There are all sorts of articles for those who want to look for inspiration. They also include tutorials on Photoshop and Illustrator.

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About the Author

Thomas Hardy is a freelance web designer from Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), here is his portfolio. He founded Design-Heaven and Work-Killer, where he regularly blogs. You will also find him on Twitter and Facebook.

  • http://www.liquidskydesign.org/ Claudia

    Well, some of them are already in my reading-list and the new one surely deserve a deep reading =)

    Thank you!

  • http://www.shirilevy.com Shiri

    Thank you for refreshing my RSS reader :)

  • http://www.creativeoverflow.net Jacques van Heerden

    Great list. :)

    Hopefully creativeoverflow will make the cut next time :)

  • http://www.ravi.uxdsign.com Ravikumar V.

    you missed smashing magazine, webdesigner depot and noupe…

  • Jonny W


    I’m not sure how many of these are essential reading. The problem with a lot of the ‘design’ blogs recently is they have slipped into the lazy ’40 WORDPRESS FOOTER BACKGROUNDS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND MAKE YOU DROP YOUR BACON SANDWICH’ style which is great if you are looking for inspiration (although rarely inspiration for what you are seeking at that exact moment!) but never gives any original and creative insights into the processes and methods of design and development. A couple of exceptions to this include A List Apart and Drawar which aren’t even mentioned.

    It’s too easy to get lost in these “20 great header design” posts which end up sucking 30 valuable minutes out of your day without actually adding anything constructive except for a couple of design ideas that might be useful somewhere down the line in future projects.


  • http://vandelaydesign.com/ Steven Snell

    Thanks for including Vandelay Design. I’m honored to be on this list.

    • http://www.will-watson.com Will Watson

      It’s a great blog Steven!

      • http://twitter.com/misterparker Alex Parker

        Agreed. For the longest time, Vandelay was my primary source of inspiration. Thanks.

        • http://www.webdesignlinks.org/ Webdesign Links

          Vandelay is definitely my favorite as well. A very original and qualitative blog!

  • http://bryanconnor.com Bryan

    Most of these blogs even in the screenshots have at least 1 list post visible above the fold. I don’t know about you but I don’t find many blogs pumping out list posts worth reading.

    • http://inspirationfeed.com inspirationfeed

      What’s wrong with list posts?

  • http://google.com Jack

    Bad list… a few good ones but certainly not the best.. Where is SmashingMag, WDD, Design Observer, Design Informer… etc.

    You just made this post up in not more than 5 minutes… I bet!

  • http://chosen-destinies.co.cc/ Vanesa

    I’m subscribed to some of them, but I haven’t heard of most of them. Thanks for the list!

  • http://www.goblinridge.co.uk Ted Thompson

    Great list of resources, some I’m familiar with some not. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.julianowebpages.wordpress.com Bret Juliano

    Just a warning, Design-Heaven potentially leads to a Malware attack. Beware of the “Archives” link, that’s where it redirected my page.

  • http://www.will-watson.com Will Watson

    Great collection thanks a bunch! I’ve been waiting for a post like this.

  • http://twitter.com/pelfusion PelFusion

    really thanks for the feature … good to be in the list of best blogs :)

  • http://www.k9ers.com Jack Price

    Thanks for the list. I will surely look at it one by one.

  • http://www.brandwebdesigns.com/ Alan

    Great post by you. Thanks for this list. I really needed it.

  • http://qtp.blogspot.com/ Sachin

    oh I thought I knew all..ha ha still some of them are new to me..thanks

  • http://www.psd-dude.com PsdDude

    50-50, half i didn’t known and half i did know :) thanks for the missing part of my list!

  • http://www.thestockwell.com Ashamis

    Please consider adding: http://www.thestockwell.com to your list.

    And great post, per usual

  • http://www.nikoslianeris.gr nikos lianeris

    excellent list!I became a subscriber to most of them!!Great work!! :)

  • JEV

    My favorite is Abduzeedo; I have been visiting it for about three years or now.

  • http://www.louisvuittonhouse.com/ vuitton

    Awesome examples. Pixar rocks! Most of the examples actually are awesome life lessons too.

  • http://www.smokingcow.com Maxime De Greve

    Love Specky Boy! 😀 Good inspiration for webdesign at this website!

  • http://hyoseong.tistory.com Do Hyoseong

    Thank you! These are very helpful!

  • http://www.desainstudio.com/ ajir

    thanks for this great list!

    I’ve read some, and began to read the other,,

  • http://www.machinwebdesign.co.uk A Web Designer

    Nice resource. Good to see an alternative to the usual suspects of smashing / noupe etc.

  • http://www.notabledesign.com website design montreal

    Really cool and captivating collection

  • http://www.webdevtuts.net Marcell Purham

    Great list of blogs Sorry to see webdevtuts didnt make the cut but the blogs listed are great as well

  • http://www.securityking.com Craig

    Great collection of Blogs, Thanks for sharing!

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  • http://www.smashblogtips.com Fareed khan

    very nice find….Fantastic

  • http://www.glendelmdesign.co.uk Web Design Cambridgeshire

    This is a great collection of blogs – they are all excellent and well worth reading.

  • http://www.web-design-expert.com/ John Hendricks

    Really great collection of blogs – these are all worth reading and captivating. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting.

  • http://www.mojowebdesign.com.au Anna Green

    This is an amasing collection of websites, really really useful, thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.sibiseoservices.com/ Web Design Chennai

    I also saw a blog like this but this is a measure has the largest collection contains mostly sites that I love and happen to get some ideas, inspirations and techniques. impressive list you have. Thanks….

  • http://www.roundpeg.biz Lorraine Ball

    Thanks for the terrific set of resources. We are always trying to improve our web design skill and this list really helps

  • http://gikmedia.com GIK Web Design

    great list trying to build my own blog myself

  • http://www.cssexpression.com Azhar

    nice post !!!!! Beautiful websites

  • http://www.somethingsublime.co.uk/ Something Sublime

    Great and Useful collection of Blogs, Thanks for sharing!

  • Ray

    Nice list! The Design Inspiration is also a great design blog as well.


  • http://www.digitalark.co.uk Simon

    Thank you for taking the time to put this together. I was aware of some of the blogs (like webdesigner depot). However, did not know about Specky Boy where I found a great article on optimising blogs for mobile devices. I am just getting into blogging for my web design business and this was very useful.

    Thank you.

    Colchester, UK

  • http://www.tesco.net/default.asp?cr=&q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mgtdesign.co.uk&near=&x=41&y=6 MGT Design

    Thanks for sharing I am often look for web design blogs. We spend a few minutes each morning taking a look at these sites for any new inspiration.

  • http://www.webdesigns-leeds.co.uk Vectrik web design

    It is an amazing collection of blog designs. Thanks for such a great collection of blog designs. Nice to have some fresh ideas on this aspect of web design.

  • http://www.webdesignsolution.co.uk web design leeds

    The list is really great, but if i said about the great blog and design so it would be JUST CREATIVE and WEB DSSIGN BLOG , both are really awesome.

  • http://www.designrshub.com/ Designrshub

    I agree with these lists. They are all really great. Even (@webdesignledger)too.

  • http://www.webflysoftware.com adumpaul

    Awesome collection of blog designs.Its realy a good source of blog designs.

  • http://www.infohiway.net/ Marvs

    I’ll start reading these blogs for inspiration particularly those that I’m not familiar with.

  • http://www.zeuscreative.co.uk Sam Greensted

    Great collection thanks a lot.

  • http://www.a3mediauk.co.uk Aaron

    Awesome list, I’ve followed Six Revisions for ages now, so really cool stuff there.

    Nice post!

  • http://www.quarterpie.com/ Shalini

    Awesome Collection of Blog Designs. Thanks for Sharing

  • http://www.tech-soigne.com Amit Mathur

    Really awesome list.Thanks for the post.

  • http://www.cdndesignstudio.com Monica.v

    Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful list with us, as this list is really helpful for newbie as well as for experienced designers :-))))

  • http://www.lexi-soft.co.uk Umesh Ramidi

    thanks for sharing the fantastic list. These are very help full for us. thank you!

  • http://creativesolutionmedia.com Sheldon Blake

    Wonderfull websites

  • http://www.110designs.com/ Shane Harwood

    Same great designs, thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.greenapplestudio.eu Dubai Web Design

    Some of these blogs truly do have fantastic content. Thanks for pointing me toward them.

  • http://www.wayfresh.co.uk Web Design Newcastle

    Brilliant list, has made sourcing good content for reading and blogging much better, also some great inspiration in there.

  • http://www.logodesignworks.co.uk/ logodesign

    In my point of view the Pelfusion design is superb, because the way the image and the content is created its superb and would be loved by everyone. I would love to have my blog designed like that.

  • http://tjphilli.com Trevor Phillippi

    Thanks WDL! I appreciate the work here, I was familiar with some of these, but Design Instruct is becoming a new favorite of mine now! I don’t know what I would do for projects without sources of inspiration like these blogs.

  • http://www.webbeets.com Alexa

    Designs are simply and nice.I am maintaining web design site related to your designs.Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.studiorepublic.com/ Tom @ Studio Republic Hampshire

    Good list. A couple here I hadn’t seen before. Glad you included some of my faves, such as Line 25, they publish some useful stuff.

  • http://www.webtemplates.com.au/ web design

    Abduzeedo is a good one. Has great tutorials and also has a few vector freebies. You can also add Smashing Magazine to that list of web design blogs.

  • http://www.smarttouch.me Smart Touch

    Great and useful collection, Thanks for sharing

  • http://conceptdezain.com/blog/ web designers Argentina

    Such a nice design it is quite interesting…
    Thanks Thardy you designs are really helpful for designing my own website…

  • http://www.designhousegroup.com Liz Rodriguez

    These were very nice websites. Thank you for sharing and providing details good for our research when putting together a great website.

  • web development

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful designs, its helpful to all.
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  • http://yokowebdesign.co.uk Yoko Web Design

    Great list of resources. Can’t wait to explore it :) Although I would also add Smashing Magazine – my ultimate favorite.

  • http://frobertallison.com/contact Albert David

    Nice list of website design and I really love to explore these sites. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • http://www.terrilevine.com/ Jacob Wilson

    Nice source of web site design blogs and this is really helpful to us especially those who are new in web design.

  • http://www.vladimirj.com Vladimir J

    I see, I will spend another day reading about web design, instead of doing it :-)

  • http://www.dominant-domains.com Michael Lysiak

    As a web designer I am always looking for new tips, techniques, and styles to expand my range and stay up to date with the trends. The list you have provided will certainly prove useful.

  • http://motocms.com/ Ann Davlin

    Good sources. Some of them are new for me. Thanks a lot, I’m going to write a guest post for some of them

  • http://www.red-website-design.co.uk Red Website Design

    Excellent list, just what Im looking for. Saved me some time Googling!

  • http://sswebdesigner.com Web Design Blog

    Perfect collection ..my favorite is line25, Abduzeedo and ofcource this webdesignledger!!

    BTW: I want to share my own web design blog where I’m posting some valuable information about web design, development, graphic design, resources, inspiration, tools, tips and related things. Check it out http://sswebdesigner.com


  • http://www.cohesivewebdesigns.com Jeff Gilden

    This is a great list! Thank you. I have checked out quite a few and the best one so far is WebDesigner Depot. Thanks again for listing!

  • http://www.binamic.co.uk/ Binamic Ltd

    Maybe it’s just me but I find some of these blogs have far too many adverts. I don’t currently run my own blog (I have a problem known as ‘rapid boredom’, I love building a blog and getting it ready and then when it comes to populating it with content I struggle to continue :/) but when I did I used zero adverts.

    I feel they encroach on a users general experience far too much. My little bugbear aside these are some very informative blogs with some great tips.

    Thanks for taking the time to compile the list Thomas :)

  • http://www.1stwebdesigner.com Dainis Graveris

    Cool list you got there guys! I recently put out an article about 30 High Quality and Most Influential Web Design Blogs and as I was doing my research for it I checked out your list and realized a lot of them are on my list as well which tells us that they are still doing great! You can check out my article here: http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/design/influential-web-design-blogs/

    Oh and btw, WDL is on there too! :)

  • http://www.element8me.com ryantonner

    I am big fan of Design Instruct web magazine. It keeps me updated about every new tool and technique. You did posted nice collection here. Thanks for it. :)