20 Inspiring Examples of Colorful Web Designs

By / Dec 27, 2011 / Inspiration

Last week we showed you examples of white usage in web design and today, for our last web design inspiration post of the year, we decided to show you some examples of colorful websites. We will show you how colors can give your design a nice and personal style. From small details and colorful typography to completely colorful backgrounds, there are a lot of colors to inspire you.

The Neighbourhood

Colorful Websites

Shelton Fleming

Colorful Websites

Captain Dash

Colorful Websites

Dangers of Fracking

Colorful Websites

10 years in type

Colorful Websites

Brooks – Shoe Advisor

Colorful Websites


Colorful Websites

Life in my Shoes

Colorful Websites

espacio creativo

Colorful Websites

Macquarie University – Green Campus

Colorful Websites

La Maddalena

Colorful Websites


Colorful Websites

Pioneer Steez

Colorful Websites

small studio

Colorful Websites

Adrian Baxter

Colorful Websites


Colorful Websites

Nike Vision

Colorful Websites


Colorful Websites

Foundry Collective

Colorful Websites


Colorful Websites


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    wonderful list. Thanks for sharing!

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    superb work..

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    a really colorful collection with a lot of depth , an awesomely inspirational compilation. Thanks for sharing

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    Wonderfully colourful! Suits well with the festive season 😀

  • http://idesignstudio.de I DESIGN STUDIO

    Hi! Great post again, Gisele! What I see in common is that not much text is presented on these front pages. They look clear and guiding the attention of the visitor exactly where they want and creating a great feeling of experience. I love such well designed websites and they usually show very good convertion rates.
    Waiting for the next post!
    Milena Böhm,

  • http://www.estudioec.com Agencia publicidad Valencia

    Gracias Gisela, es un honor para todo el equipo de espacio creativo que consideres nuestra web como una de las mejores 20 “Colorful Web Designs”.
    Gracias otra vez.

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    I really like the “nike vision”

    Great list bro’


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    awesome sites :) thanks for sharing!

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    Absolutly gorgeous recopilation job!!! Thanx for share with us. Maybe you want to put my website in this list… it’s actually colorfull… :)

    Happy new year, by the way. :)

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    this examples are really inspiring.
    i like last one.
    keep it up.

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    Some very nice websites, specially use of soft colours in some web designs.

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    Great collection of web design. Colorful and awesome exemple.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  • http://MaltaOn.com WebDesignMalta

    Astonishing ideas from certain web designers. I like he one called “La Maddalena”, simple and yet powerful!


  • http://austinwebdesignpro.com Austin

    Awesome post Gisele, I appreciate you sharing this. I love the dangers in fracking site with an honorable mention to 10 Years in type. Although most of your selections are of a high standard, those were the two I liked the most.