20 Inspiring Examples of Single Page Websites

By / Jul 25, 2011 / Inspiration

Since we really like single page layouts and the last time we had them around was back in March, we decided to gather a new list to inspire you! We will show several different approaches to single page layouts – from minimal and clean ones to super colorful pages using parallax scrolling effects – there is certainly some that will get your attention.

Single Page WordPress Theme

Sean Gaffney

Kevin Whitaker

Single Pages

Kevin M Heineman

Single Pages

Dreams Are Made by Pedaling

Single Pages


Single Pages

Bennett Feely

Single Pages


Single Pages


Single Pages


Single Pages

Supereight Studio

Single Pages

TM Design

Single Pages

More Hazards More Heroes

Single Pages

Academy for Global Citizenship

The Drift

Single Pages

TypeMedia 2011

Single Pages

this is Marcela

Single Pages

Design Beast

Single Pages

Dentsu Network

Single Pages

Finely Sliced

Single Pages

Fabio Neural

Single Pages


One Page Love
The Best Designs

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  • http://www.cranialstudios.com Benjamin Ulrich

    As always, a great lsit, Gisele.
    Bennett Feely
    TM Design
    They do something a bti different, and look great!

  • Gnutell

    Not my style.
    I find, your selection is showing of a mixture of todays standards, “digital media designer” – school and minimalism. By this I don’t mean to rate down these designs, but to me they lack inspiration and creative concepts beyond those, todays, standards.
    As a web designer I kinda have to live in the future, no one is buying a website anymore, that, designwise, is outdated in a year.

    Not a native english speaker.

  • http://cardbaba.net/ ravi

    Awesome list and awesome designs…these websites are not only beautiful but also designed to perfection…

  • http://www.tristarwebdesign.co.uk/ Tristar Web Design

    I love the way they use only one page to get the whole point across without it being too cluttered or busy. My ultimate favourite is Bennett Feely, the colours and way your eyes flow down the page is designed to perfection. I love riot as well, especially the line design, its really interactive although I’ not keen on the choice of font.

  • http://n/a Swapan

    Cool interpretation. Riot, Dreams are made by pedaling………overall good impression.

    Swapan, A. Yousuf

  • http://www.ambitionmedia.co.uk/ Ambition Media

    Nice collection of websites, if you get the concept right I think a single page design can really be effective! My favourite is the Drift.

  • http://www.deanelliott.me Dean Elliott

    I love single page websites and my favorite here has to be Nudge.

    What can I say, I’m a fan of monochrome!

  • http://profitduck.com Simon Duck

    Very good examples, my favourites are Bennett Feely and TM Designs, love how the dark dress is used on the white background.

    Simon Duck

  • http://bfeely.com Bennett Feely

    Thanks everyone! This list is awesome.

  • http://webremake.com Bill Jacobson

    I enjoy your posts and find your content very inspiring. I especially like Global Citizenship and Marsela designs. Thank you for your work.

  • http://www.osura.com Anton Korzhuk

    thanks for featuring my site 😀

    It’s a great list, very inspiring! My favorites are http://seangaffney.cc/, http://kevin-whitaker.net/, and http://studionudge.com/.

    • http://www.webcraftdevelopers.com Philippine Web Developer

      I have to agree, I like them as well.

  • http://www.rocklobsterweb.de/ Jörg Auf dem Hövel

    Nice post, nice inspiration, thanks.

    At the end I won`t define vertical or horizontal scrolling pages with a navigation bar as “single page websites”. For that my favorite is Sean Gaffney.

  • http://kevin-whitaker.net/ Kevin Whitaker

    Wow. I’m flattered to be on a list with so many awesome sites. Thanks very much!

  • http://zenorocha.com Zeno Rocha

    I miss jQuery Boilerplate here – http://jqueryboilerplate.com

  • http://www.vision18.ae Vision18

    nice roundup.. thanks!

  • http://leozakour.com Leonardo zakour

    Really nice ones. Even when there are some (like the 1st one) that are just templates.

    Here is one I made last month if you fancy to watch more of this single-page sites.

  • http://fakeyouth.net Moon

    Have a look at mine! http://fakeyouth.net

    I love the websites up there!

  • http://www.designwargestern.de/ Alex

    Thanks for this nice examples! Would love to hear your opinion on our new single page project http://www.designwargestern.de/!

  • http://nerdcow.co.uk Nerd Cow

    That’s the amazing list. I enjoyed looking through all of them… Not sure if I can compete with mine http://nerdcow.co.uk/ but I still reckon is a decent one using only the latest web technologies :) What you think?