21 Creative Examples of Reflective Photography

By / Jul 8, 2010 / Inspiration

If you look hard enough you can find creative inspiration almost anywhere, but one of my favorite places to draw inspiration from is photography. We’ve posted a number of photography showcases here on WDL, so I hope you find them as inspiring as I do. For this post, I’ve collected 21 amazing photos that focus on reflections. Reflections are normally overlooked and sometimes go unnoticed, but these talented photographers have made them the center of attention.

reflective photography
rahmat mulyono

reflective photography
Colmar Wocke

reflective photography

reflective photography
Ursula I Abresch

reflective photography
Timothy Toole

reflective photography

reflective photography

reflective photography

reflective photography

reflective photography
Omer Gencal

reflective photography
Adrian Donoghue

reflective photography
Georges Beaugeard

reflective photography
Bror Johansson

reflective photography
Andrew Parker

reflective photography
Andrew Parker

reflective photography
Jody Art

reflective photography
J. Ota

reflective photography
J. Ota

reflective photography

reflective photography
Semir Catovic

reflective photography
Amnon Eichelberg

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    The tree is wonderful

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  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Amelia Johnson

    An amazing collection of reflective photography. In a good few I had to look carefully to work out what angle it was took from. My favorites have to be the ones using puddles. I will defiantly be looking at puddles at a completely different angle after reading this post.

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    WoW i like tree its awesome

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    Great collection of reflex photo’s.

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    These are nice. I like the effect you get when (and I’m just guessing here) you flip the picture upside down… or so that’s how it looks.

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    The Semir Catovic photo is great. Thanks

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    it’s a very inspiring collection. first pic is absolutely outstanding! Thank you

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    Absolutely amazing work! thanks for sharing

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    Lovely work. It’s really nice to see how these guys can take a normal looking scene and turn it into something awesome just by changing the perspective.

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    Some great shots here. The ability to find interest in the mundane appeals to me a great deal and I love the shopping trolleys for that reason. Great shot!

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    upon reflection (see what i did there) this is a great set of pictures – visually stunning, thanks for sharing! bookmarked!

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    I love Kikki Jane’s photography for the girl laying on the street. It literally looks as if she is lying on the clouds and great perspectives by shotbot looking up the building

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      Very nice pictures! Thanks for sharing

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