21 Excellent Portfolios and Design Agency Websites

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It has been a while since we last showcased Design Related Websites here, so today we decided to check out how is it that design firms, designers, and other creative agencies are presenting their work. From design studios to brand firms and freelance designer’s portfolios, you will see a variety of ways to showcase one’s work. It’s always nice to browse sites like this to see the approach companies and individuals take to get the attention of potential clients. Check out the examples and let us know what do you think.

Andy Mangold

Andy Mangold is a designer pursuing authorship and the power of ideas.

Inspiring Design Related Websites

Two Arms Inc

Two Arms is Michael Tabie and Karen Goheen, an illustration and design team, best known for their gritty silkscreened rock posters.

Inspiring Design Related Websites

Planet Propaganda

Planet Propaganda, a design and advertising agency.

Inspiring Design Related Websites

Michela Chiucini

Hi, my name is Michela Chiucini, I live in Viareggio, Tuscany and I’m a web designer.

Inspiring Design Related Websites

Dave Gamache

My name is Dave Gamache and I’m a designer.

Inspiring Design Related Websites

Social Forces

Social Forces is a digital marketing partner for retailers, consumer products and web-based businesses. We create immersive digital experiences that convert internet browsers to product buyers and loyal brand advocates.

Inspiring Design Related Websites


Create Digital Media was founded on our love of apps. We believe that every mobile app should create a wonderful user experience from start to finish, built with outstanding aesthetic design, beautifully entwined with an elegant, rock solid codebase.

Inspiring Design Related Websites

the neighbourhood

the neighbourhood is a creative studio, where stories and worlds come to life across many forms of visual communication.

Inspiring Design Related Websites

Cast Iron Design

We work with clients to produce one-of-kind design solutions and charge a fair price for our services without compromising quality.

Inspiring Design Related Websites

Vladimir Strajnic

Vladimir Strajnic, interactive and print designer

Inspiring Design Related Websites

super awesome

A small design shop independently owned and operated, from Novi Sad, Serbia.

Inspiring Design Related Websites

Tep Tek

Portfolio – Web Designer

Inspiring Design Related Websites

Kisko Labs

Kisko Labs makes people happy by solving their problems with digital services. You should kickstart your web product or service with us. We’ll complete it in five weeks.

Inspiring Design Related Websites

TSE WebDesign

Web design & development studio.

Inspiring Design Related Websites

design by rolf

Rolf A. Jensen is an international award-winning Norwegian Art Director and co-chairman/founder of the online industry magazine Graphic Drugs.

Inspiring Design Related Websites

Deux Huit Huit

Branding & Design firm

Inspiring Design Related Websites


Creative Studio – Digital – Print

Inspiring Design Related Websites


Here at animade we love animation. This passion motivates us to produce fantastic work that spans television commercials, video games and digital content.

Inspiring Design Related Websites


Barabra is a digital media production studio specializing in web development and design.

Inspiring Design Related Websites


We are a design studio and we offer a wide range of graphic services including identity design, web design,
signage, motion graphics and print design.

Inspiring Design Related Websites

Small Studio

Small Studio designs and builds for both print and interactive.

Inspiring Design Related Websites


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  • http://www.paulund.co.uk Paul

    Some great designs, really like the Planet Propaganda look.

    • http://www.planetpropaganda.com Ben Hirby

      Thanks for your comment, Paul! Glad you dig it.

    • http://Www.rantclothing.com.au Jay

      Planet Propaganda fav here too. Nicely compiled, thanks

  • http://www.twopointdesign.com Ting Teo

    Awesome stuff! I hope my portfolio site ( http://www.twopointdesign.com ) will qualify for such a list some day.

  • http://visuadesign.com CJ Spencer

    Dave Gamache, simple, beautiful & fantastic!

  • http://www.sivioco.com Sam Jones

    Great collection. If I had to choose a favourite it would be between Duotone and Dave Gamache.

  • Steve Simmons

    Great list very nice, I’ve always liked these guys http:\\www.finleydesign.co.uk great design work

    • http://www.thefennec.co.uk Fennec

      you got your backslashes the wrong way round

  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    Nice list. Good selection of sites. A good stuff. Thanks for sharing and inspiration.

  • Janine

    The ‘web island’ on colazionedamichy.it is a cute detail. I like that.
    smallstudio.com.au is cool… I’ll never really get used to scroll to the right.^^

  • http://www.dougharrisdesign.com Doug Harris

    I love posts like this one since it gives so much inspiration and gets the creative juices flowing. Keep up the good work and look forward to hopefully seeing my website on here. Please visit it at http://www.dougharrisdesign.com



  • http://www.webeminence.com Web Eminence

    Great list of impressive sites. I love the Dave Gamache site also.

  • http://www.jotsimple.com Roger

    My favorite is Barabra… Nice, simple, polished

  • http://www.amulya.biz kim harrison

    Thanks for sharing, found each and every pic were unique.

  • http://www.jurkturtle.com Mick

    Wow I had to double and triple take on the Andy Mangold and Two Arms Inc websites. Their logos are almost identical!

  • http://www.flodesign.co.uk Russell Poulter

    Nice round up, thanks. Bookmarked!

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    Great collection. The website for create looks really nice.

  • Felipe
  • Alex

    Great list!
    Man, DEUX HUIT HUIT!…. Wow!
    Simple and awesome!

  • http://alphaefficiency.com Bojan

    I love how Serbians name all voted up in this list. Warms my heart :)

  • http://www.lpgwales.com LPG Wales

    Some really stunning websites! You have to admire simple design that works

  • http://www.redoniondesign.co.uk Red Onion

    So much talent. It’s amazing how much more versatile website design is becoming.

  • http://www.webico.cz Webico.cz

    Great selection, Kiskos Lab is very impressive.

  • http://www.creationstudio.ca Website Design

    Thanks for sharing. There are a couple of firms in this list that I really like, and their website is really cool too!

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    Hi, a busy book :
    and thanks for this news ..It’s amazing

  • http://alternativeviewphotography.com/ John

    Wow….this was great. There are some extraordinary talents out there. Thanks for sharing them.

  • http://www.designtoads.com DesignToads

    Apparently “white” is the new black :) Love it.

  • http://www.effektmedia.at Thomas

    Very good examples of good webdesign!

  • http://niallm1.com Niall

    Nice collection. Useful design inspiration too.

  • http://www.creativepile.com Creative Pile

    Beautiful collection. Thanks for the great article.

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    I like the planet propaganda symbolism.

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    http://www.fe-el.com design web agency

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