21 Fantastic Examples of Sliders in Web Design

By / May 14, 2012 / Inspiration

Sliders are an excellent way to organize and highlight important content on a site. They can also be used to display a good amount of content within a limited amount of screen real estate. The most popular way to add a slider or slideshow to a website is still jQuery, which seems to have a new plugin released every day. In order to give you some inspiration, we’ve gathered 21 very good examples of how sliders are being used today.

Hufton + Crow

Image Sliders in Web Design

Pure Pleasure Design

Image Sliders in Web Design


Image Sliders in Web Design


Image Sliders in Web Design

Olly Sorsby

Image Sliders in Web Design

Studio Chirpy

Image Sliders in Web Design


Image Sliders in Web Design


Image Sliders in Web Design


Image Sliders in Web Design

The Kitchen

Image Sliders in Web Design


Image Sliders in Web Design

The Barrelhouse Flat

Image Sliders in Web Design

Exsud Creative

Image Sliders in Web Design

Ludlow Kingsley

Image Sliders in Web Design


Image Sliders in Web Design

Regent College

Image Sliders in Web Design


Image Sliders in Web Design

Ghost Horses

Image Sliders in Web Design


Image Sliders in Web Design

neve / hawk

Image Sliders in Web Design

It’s Numbered

Image Sliders in Web Design

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  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    Very nice examples…Good design..more inspirations…is a paradise this! Thanks for sharing

  • http://designerves.com Hisman

    Thanks,,I like the examples that use slider for big images..

  • http://creativewildcat.com Ryan

    I still prefer a slider that I built over many of the ones displayed. I do like how these are incorporated into the page.

    I built one that can be viewed here in use: http://creativewildcat.com/photography/ or on my homepage in another context.

    It can be downloaded for free at http://modules.creativewildcat.com/sliders/multi-content/

    I enjoy these types of articles that showcase great sites!

  • http://www.sentconcepts.com SentConcepts

    I like me some sliders. Good inspiration

  • http://gochman.me Jeff

    There wasn’t anything really special about most of the sliders. I would agree that most of the pages are well designed websites, but for the most part the sliders are fairly normal.

  • http://desgr.com desgr.com

    I love the rdio example! I’ve been going back to their site over the past few weeks just for inspiration. Love the ‘Doberman’ one too, except I find the arrow placement in the top right corner is counter-intuitive.

    Great post!

  • http://www.webtemplates-creare.com/ Paul Weston

    Thought this was a interesting article with some great examples of slideshows. If done right a slideshow can really give a site that wow factor and make it stand out form the rest. From the collection the site that stood out for me was x-doria. I love how the slideshow stretches across the whole page and has a really smooth transition adding extra graphics. There are some great examples here and this article will be great inspiration for me when I am working on future projects

  • Aftab Ahmad

    A couple of these are really nice.
    Check out the slider I build for a client:


    • http://www.simon-fletcher.me Simon Fletcher

      I have got to admit that slider is pretty cool.

      • http://www.simon-fletcher.me Simon Fletcher

        However there is an issue in Internet Explorer. I wouldn’t anything less from IE though.

    • http://ashleyblyth.com Ashley Blyth

      @Aftab Ahmad, that is a really cool slider. You’ve taken a great, frequently used feature and added a unique twist to it! Nice work, and thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.vikomtebaron.net Baron

    Thanks for this post!
    There’s some very nice things here.
    Atelier is so complex with form from everywhere.

    So Creativ.

  • http://www.123webdesignbournemouth.co.uk Darren @ 123 Web

    Nice sites – and I am a fan of sliders – they enable you to present multiple points of information in limited screen space.

    As long as the on-screen movement enhances the site, and doesn’t detract from the goals of that site, then I say use ’em.

    I like Golla – but I needed to click on the arrows to make it move…maybe it should be scrolling on auto.

    Many Thanks,