21 Inspiring Blog Designs

By / Dec 5, 2011 / Inspiration

It could be said that with all the themes available to design a blog it’s getting harder to find new and authentic blog designs. In one way this is good because more people have the opportunity to easily get a nice looking blog up and running. However, this makes it ever so important to do something special with your blog design – to set it apart from the crowd, and let people know it’t not just a theme.

After a long time without showcasing Blog Designs – the last post on this topic was back in Jul, 2010 – we decided to gather a fresh batch of blogs to show you, and I have to admit that finding these was a bit challenging. Nevertheless, here are some excellent examples of how designers are approaching blogs, journals, or what’s sometimes called a news section. From minimal designs to colorful ones, you will find several different approaches to the old web design companion, the blog.

Jux Blog

Inspiring Blog Designs

Blog Viljami Salminen

Inspiring Blog Designs

Jaypegams Journal

Inspiring Blog Designs

Kyan Blog

Inspiring Blog Designs

Ideas – Strange Native

Inspiring Blog Designs


Inspiring Blog Designs

Big Bite Creative

Inspiring Blog Designs

Editer Journal

Inspiring Blog Designs

A Chronology

Inspiring Blog Designs

Elliot Jay Stocks

Inspiring Blog Designs

The Brief

Inspiring Blog Designs


Inspiring Blog Designs


Inspiring Blog Designs

Web is Love

Inspiring Blog Designs

I Love Typography

Inspiring Blog Designs

Blog Jon Phillips

Inspiring Blog Designs

Jason Santa Maria

Inspiring Blog Designs

Studio Sweet Studio

Inspiring Blog Designs

ABAF – News

Inspiring Blog Designs


Inspiring Blog Designs


Inspiring Blog Designs


The Best Designs

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  • http://www.pragmaticdesign.co.uk Web design Wolverhampton

    There are some really nice, minimalist designs there. Thank you for finding them.

  • http://www.wsd.co.il Aviron

    Not much of something I held the “wow effect” from.
    They are all pretty much with WEB 2.0 design that is regular and clean design.

  • http://Techreuters.com Dheeraj Bansal

    Excellent Designs. But Viljami’s blog design I like the most.

  • http://thingybob.de Mike


    i dont want to be too harsh – but to me it looks like you just grabed 21 websites out of the blue and linked them together.
    I see none that is unique or ‘never seen before’ and you didn’t even bother explaining why you think they needed to be on this list.

    Apologize for beeing that harsh again.


    • Anthony

      Have you read the intro of the article? Maybe you should, to avoid comments like this.

  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    Good choice of blog…More are so simple and clean..In tipycal style web 2.0. I like this selection..more inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://superdit.com aditia

    nice collection, I always love minimalist design

  • http://www.thinkbigonline.com.au Arnel

    Nice list! Definitely an inspiration.

    Also, if you have time to red my blog that would be great! :)



  • http://debbshosting.com/ Debbs Hosting

    The designs are as important as the blogs content themselves. Like food, you first feed the eyes before you can get to the sampling. The samples are simple but light and good to the eyes. BigBites my favorite. aledesign.it is right, this is a good choice. let me borrow your samples? thanks 😀

  • http://venturamovingandstorage.com Janey Smith

    Thanks for the info, good links you have there! great inspiration

  • http://garyo.org Web Design

    Thanks for the inspiring blog designs post. There are some really nice, minimalist designs here. Thank you for finding them and sharing with the world.