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About pages are important because they are the place where the user goes to discover more about who/what is behind the site they are visiting. From design studios to apps and online shops, users like to browse a page to find the good old who, where, what, how information about you. And of course there’s many different approaches that can be taken when designing an about page. From the very formal to the fun and creative, it’s important to go the direction that’s fits the personality of you or your company. Today we gathered a some inspiring examples of about pages to show you how different websites are allowing visitor to learn more about them.


I always like the creative-humorous approach using pictures. It’s nice to see faces behind ideas.

Inspiring About Pages

12th of Never

A nice and minimal approach in a landing page with a “more coming soon” note.

Inspiring About Pages


A nice combo of beautiful images and well designed info-graphics to give us more details about their work.

Inspiring About Pages

Oliver Russell

Nice and elegant approach to the “what we do” page. Beautiful typography and colors.

Inspiring About Pages


A cool mix of illustrated elements, typography and images to present their work, values and team.

Inspiring About Pages


And of course a creative studio focused on encouraging imagination would go for an imaginative about page, well done.

Inspiring About Pages

Pulp Fingers

Another colorful creative approach to present who is behind work.

Inspiring About Pages


A clean who we are page with beautiful colors and typography explaining their ideas and services.

Inspiring About Pages


For a stylish suit shop nothing better then a well suited team page.

Inspiring About Pages


Ghosthorses decided to use a nice typography combo to tell us more about their work and the outcome is really nice.

Inspiring About Pages


FO divided their about in two beautifully done parts: who we are – explaining their values, creative force – showing their founders.

Inspiring About Pages
Inspiring About Pages

Fear the Grizzly

Clean and minimalist layout with a few images and texts explaining their work.

Inspiring About Pages


A beautiful single page design with a nice about section with text and faces. 😉

Inspiring About Pages


Great colors, textures, typography and icons to explain their work and ideas.

Inspiring About Pages


Beautiful typography based about page.

Inspiring About Pages

Nelson Cash

Nice images, icons and typography combination to show us more about their work, history and team.

Inspiring About Pages


For a coworking space, nothing better than using a beautiful background image showing the space. They are also using nice colors and transparency to tell more about their story.

Inspiring About Pages

Trailer Park Truck

A creative and less formal approach to the old and good who we are page.

Inspiring About Pages


Haus is using a delicate palette with nice images and text in a timeline to present their team and milestones along the way.

Inspiring About Pages

Blind Pig Design

Blind Pig Design counts with a photo of Aaron Awad (the founder) in action and a nice text to tell us more about the studio. They also count with a beautiful textured side bar menu. 😉

Inspiring About Pages


And for a super cool website selling vintage stuff nothing better than a vintage about page!

Inspiring About Pages

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  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    Good inspirations. Playtend and Pulp Fingers are so different but I like so much together! I like so much also the use by typography for Ghosthorses. Thanks!

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    great collection! we just updated our about page here: http://interactiveblend.com/about.html

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    Definitely something I need to enhance on my website. Thanks!

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    Dezebo-graphic design | design inspiration | design tutorials) great post bro

  • http://wittycookie.com/ WittyCookie

    Thanks for sharing! Totally agree with you that ‘About’ pages should fit the personality of the company, and they are the tools to show who we are and what we do. How do you like our ‘About’ page? http://wittycookie.com/about.html

  • http://www.mezoradesign.com Mezora Design

    Great collection of awesome designs. Pulp Fingers my favorite:)

  • http://www.twitter.com/bkv_aaryan Bharat KV

    Oh wow… so many ways to create a about us page… Conveying that personality creates a bigger impact with your users/client… Lovely share

  • http://www.jointmedias.com/ Joint Medias

    Great collection, love the design of FancyRhino.

  • http://www.ryan-coleman.ca Coleman

    Awesome collection!
    Would love some feedback on my about page :)

  • http://facebook.com/the33480group Lisa Gangadeen

    Excellent samples of “About Us” pages. This is right on target. Thank you for compiling and sharing them.

    Lisa Gangadeen, President
    The 33480 Group LLC

  • http://www.markfaseldesign.com Sarasota Website Design

    Great roundup guys! About pages (or inner pages for that matter) all seem to be given less time and importance in design. This collection you provided gives great inspiration to designers!

  • http://tarful.com Tarful

    Amazing designs!

    Here’s our “About Page” http://tarful.com/about

    We’ll love some comments and feedback about it! Thanks

    • Sonya

      I love your “About Us” page. Very clean and artsy. Definitely would make me want to do business with you. Great job!

  • http://Impactbnd.com Vin Gaeta

    Some really awesome about pages here. I’m partial to the design WeMake and FancyRhino uses, they’re pretty cool.

  • http://www.weirdlittlemonsters.com/ Bryan Walker

    Excellent! Exactly what i needed to get me moving on the new http://www.weirdlittlemonsters.com/ about section


  • http://www.design21st.com Gab

    hope to share with you ours http://www.design21st.com/about

  • http://www.navigatormm.com Navigator Multimedia

    A takeaway from this gallery is the importance in keeping “About Us” pages minimal in text, engaging in visuals. Humanizing the brand with casual, fun pictures of the staff is a great way to replicate a closeness with the company, and get that much closer to recreating a brick-and-mortar experience. Awesome examples!
    Sarah Bauer
    Navigator Multimedia

  • http://www.pixxels.at Marion

    Nice collection, thank you!

  • http://scottyzen.com Scott

    Pulp Fingers nailed that color scheme.
    Super collection. Keep up the great work.

  • http://nnmportfolio.com Natasha McEachron

    Nice collection! Some are fairly straight-laced and others are cute and playful but they’re all nicely designed.

  • http://www.milosmandic.com Milos – codeDESIGN

    H-Art solved this good – but I think your image is not up to date, because they show a movie in their current version. Thanks for sharing!

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    Wow! I like all of it! But those that made use of graphics and cartoons really struck me big time! These are just so creative. Thanks for giving me ideas.

  • http://superbwebsitebuilders.com/ Howard Steele

    Great collection! I liked ‘FancyRhino’ the most :)
    I think ‘About Us’ page speaks volumes about your company. You should never overlook it.

  • http://www.exclusivebloggers.com/ Karan

    The “FancyRhino’s” are pretty cool :)..humorous approach is one of the best idea I personally think an eye catching style!! It can engage the viewers!! Write now I am working on my about page…thanks for the ideas mahn :):)