25 Best Tech Interface Photoshop Brushes Ever Created

By / Jan 21, 2009 / Freebies

I wouldn’t normally devote an entire post to a single set of Photoshop brushes, but if there is ever a set of Photoshop brushes that deserves it, it’s this one. A few weeks ago, Niki Brown told us how Design Is In The Details. The level of detail in these brushes is astonishing. According to the artist, well over 150 hours of work and thought went into these brushes over the course of 3 months.

Z-DESIGN Tech Brushes Set v5

Z-DESIGN Tech Brushes Set v5

Z-DESIGN Tech Brushes Set v5

Here you can download the complete set.

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Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

  • serge

    Very nice!

    Rly inspiring me alot!
    I can use it for mac and windows right?


  • http://www.highresolutiontextures.com 2lip

    great find, Henry!
    I downloaded lots of tech brush sets in the past, but this must really be one the most complete sets out there. Can’t wait to try the out and I hope they are compatible with CS2.

  • http://graphic-identity.blogspot.com A u d e e

    Incredible collections! the idea is quite original and I just love the details… thank you for sharing these 😉

  • http://www.random-is.me Shaibani

    I wonder when computer OS interfaces will become like those; they’re awesome!

    Thanks for this 😉

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    Wow, this set is nice! The level of detail is incredible.

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    Wow this is beautiful!

  • Max

    I can see where he gets his inspiration from, but thanks for the set, its amazing!

  • Costermonger

    Some great Ideas can be had just by looking at some of the design elements

  • T.Foo-ee

    Any ideas on which versions of Photoshop these brushes are compatible with, I can’t load them in V.7. If only it could load these, can they be converted from a newer version Photoshop? I know there are newer versions in house here.

  • http://www.RedesignYourBiz.com Designer

    very impressive.. will most probably use them for my site RedesignYourBiz.com

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    Thats awesome…thanks a tonne!!

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    Great detailed work !

    Thanks for sharing this :-) I’m a deviantart user and I never found this rich brush.

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    awesome, thanks for sharing this. this is very impressive.

  • Edwin G

    Thanks for sharing the brushes it will be helpfull for the futuristic desingn tha im working rigth now you made easy to find what i was looking

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    Thanks for sharing the brushes, too. They look very impression. Pretty good.

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    Thanks for sharing the brushes, too. They look very impression. Pretty good.

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    The brushes are exactly what I was looking for for my new private website project – thank you so much! :)