25 Pink Web Designs to Inspire You

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October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and since pink is the color for breast cancer awareness, we decided to gather this selection to inspire you and also to show our respect for something so important: the 25th birthday of Breast Cancer Awareness, Education and Empowerment. Pink is a really beautiful color, so here you will see some inspiring examples of how to use it in web design. From vibrant pink backgrounds to light pink elements and typography, you will certainly get inspired.

MailChimp 5.3

MailChimp 5.3… free all over again.



We’re a digital agency. We help brands make new friends.


My City Lives



Web design bureau.



Stack is a unique service that brings together the best independent English language magazines from around the world and delivers them direct to your home.


Digital Devotion

Digital Devotion is the online portfolio of Von Klaus Lehmann.


We Shoot Bottles

We are based in the UK and we shoot bottles! Our specialty is photographing bottles of any shape.



For ten months, I have examined how mass media affects beauty, body image and femininity in young women in Nepal. Through my documentary research, I have sought to understand the ways mass media consumption has affected Nepal’s changing standards of beauty.


Solid Giant

We are a professional web design studio with over 7 years of experience designing stunning websites.


Remix Creative

Hi, I’m Nik and Remix is my graphic design studio. I have been a design professional for over 10 years now, coming up through the well trodden design agency route.



Hi, I’m Doug Menezes, Brazilian Art Director.


better in pink

My name is Maddie, Madeline, Maddiemad and sometimes Madster. I absolutely love designing.


tickled pink designz

Once Upon a Time… One woman decided that it was time to bring sexy back to the internet. Tabatha did just that by creating Tickled Pink Designz in 2004.



The pulcopiyo are some candy-malicious plush creatures dolls designed by Pulco Mayo.



Charuca is the universe of characters created by me, Charuca Vargas.


Make Mine Pink

My name is Joyce Lucas — I am the founder of MakeMinePink.com. I am a web designer, graphic designer, amateur photographer, dreamer, and a champion of women in business.


Central Snowsports

We get you into the right ski gear, first time, on time.



The Served sites bring you a steady supply of top quality creative work, with each site streaming fresh projects in specific categories(e.g. fashion, industrial design, photography…).


Work Life Balance Centre

The Work Life Balance Centre was founded in 1991 to help those people whose lives are feeling out of control or out of balance.


Pasarea de Foc

The first community dance performance in Romania, Igor Stravinsky’s “Firebird”, was presented to the public in Bucharest and Sibiu, as part of the International Festival “George Enescu”, in September 2009.


Oslo Film Festival



We design brand identity and communications with personality.


Public Class

Our days usually start of with a breakfast meeting. Going over the upcoming day while chewing on a bagel is a pleasant way to wake up as well as keeping on schedule. After that we get in our chairs, fire up the applications required for todays tasks and work toward delivering magic.


Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt

Snog is a truly healthy treat.


Hello Sour Sally

Welcome to the new way to go healthy.



The CSS Awards

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  • http://goodwebdesign.co Good Web Design

    Wow! Some nice ones here… our favorite picks: multiadaptor.com (although it’s Flash)& mailchimp.com (dunno why, but like it!). Needed to Refresh to get something pink with the Oslo film festival though (which is imo not even a website.. – hehe)

  • http://www.matthewhartman.com.au Matthew

    Thanks for this great post! – Very nice and sexy designs! =)

    Here is my attempt at a pink design – http://www.jquerypop.com :)

    • Churchill

      I don’t want to be an butt whole but that is one ugly website….

      It’s red and pink at the same time…

      Please change the bg color

      • http://www.joseph-cohen.co.uk Joseph Cohen

        Bit harsh…. the website is fine… although the red and pink would maybe benefit from a little softening.

    • http://awesomewallpapers.wordpress.com/ Ben

      The colors hurt my eyes:)

      • http://www.psd2site.com vic

        Agree with Ben, could not look at it for more than 30 seconds.

  • http://www.goinnovate.co.uk Craig

    Hey Gisele – nice list. however you missed one http://www.thecpdiary.com/ :-)

  • http://www.lakeside.com.np Lakeside Technologies

    Pretty in Pink. Nice collection of Pink based websites for inspiration.

  • Hedon

    Thanks Gisele, all your posts about selection of website are really nice, I would love to have one everyday 😉
    keep going!

  • http://www.vicky89.com vicky

    wow this is refreshing

  • http://www.austinwebsitesolutions.net/ Bryan

    Totatlly dig the pulcopio one. Thanks for the share! These are excellent web designs.

  • http://www.hisubash.com Aneslin

    Excellent collection.
    thanks for the share

  • http://www.kerningandcoffee.com Brittany

    Wow, that Oslo Film Festival website is a bit hard on the eyes, but I wasn’t aware pink was such a popular color on websites. I really like a lot of these here – they use pink tastefully and it works well!

  • http://www.technicalrs.com Scott Lavelle

    I recently did a site for a local event planner. The logo was the inspiration. While this is built on a template for Joomla, it was customized fairly extensively. Please have a look: http://www.abigtodoevent.com

  • http://www.goodbytes.be GoodBytes

    Thanks for the mention! We really appreciate being on web design ledger!

  • http://allisongaines.daportfolio.com AijoDesigns

    There are some great examples here and just what I need to get inspired! Thanks for the great collection!

  • http://www.nymfont.com Lauren

    Ahhh Remix Creative <3 Truly a web design to be remembered.

  • http://facebook.com/swapnil.play Swapnil Acharya

    Hey, thanks for mentioning Liz Lance. A very good list indeed.

    Oslo film festival turns out to be my fave.