27 Examples of Color Usage in Web Design

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Here on WDL, we’ve discussed how colors can be used to invoke various emotions. For example, the color red symbolizes excitement and energy, while the more tranquil color blue represents calmness and stability. Here we’ve gathered a collection of web designs that make good use of color. In these examples you’ll notice some using color to highlight and draw attention to specific elements, while others use larger amounts of color to set the over all tone of the site. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of color usage here to inspire you. Enjoy!


Colors in Web Design


Colors in Web Design

Best Made

Colors in Web Design

Engine Creative

Colors in Web Design


Colors in Web Design

Ignacio Macri

Colors in Web Design

The Combine

Colors in Web Design


Colors in Web Design

James Garner

Colors in Web Design


Colors in Web Design

Sunday Best

Colors in Web Design


Colors in Web Design


Colors in Web Design

Igor Zagnienski

Colors in Web Design


Colors in Web Design

de Certau & Associes

Colors in Web Design

Alexander Zhestkov

Colors in Web Design


Colors in Web Design

Flow Festival

Colors in Web Design

Column Five

Colors in Web Design


Colors in Web Design

Daniel Martin

Colors in Web Design


Colors in Web Design


Colors in Web Design


Colors in Web Design

The Manual

Colors in Web Design

Bloom Health

Colors in Web Design


The Best Designs

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  • http://www.mindeez.com Jérôme – blog marketing

    I think it’s very impressive…I love Archfirm, it’s so minimalist

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    Awesome examples !! Thanks for sharing.

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    A great collection of graphic site. So nice works someone! “Grind” “de Certau & Associes” and “Hyper” are my preferite! Thanks for sharing!

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    Wow great collection of sites with some really varied colour! Thanks for the share

  • http://www.lexolutionit.com Maneet Puri

    In web designing, Colors plays an important role in highlighting the message that should be conveyed to the users. In some designs, I found too much of loud and bright colors making the main page too flashy while some other designs have a perfect balance of colors.If the colors are too intense, it will take away the attention of the user from the content value of the site.

  • John Carpenter

    There is no excuse for bad design on the web. Very good examples.

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    I really like the flow festival site. Great collection of sites, unique and inspiring.

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    Super exemples ! Un article à recommander!

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    I absolutely loved indubitablee, what a great job. WOW!!!

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    Some fresh stuff here. I dig it.

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    yeh, so many awsome website, they are all have great color. look so professional and clean. I have got some inspiration from those website. many thanks.

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    These are inspirational, creative and highly professional.
    Especially James garner’s website looks absolutely stunning!

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    Really nice! Thanks

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    Love the James Garner site, but my question is whether anyone would hang around long enough to find out what it is all about.

  • http://www.scotlassiter.com Scot

    There are some great uses of color here. Rich,, vibrant and very interesting. I will have to say I like thecombine.org, very different than the norm and great us of electronic illustration. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    the examples are very inspirational, thans for sharing…

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    Really like the Engine Creative one – octopus hatching out of an egg ftw! :o)

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