30 Clever and Cool T-Shirt Designs You Will Love

By / Sep 23, 2009 / Inspiration

There’s only one thing that designers love more than a clever and cool design…and that’s being able to wear it in the form of a t-shirt. Here are 30 very cool t-shirt designs found at Threadless.com.

Which one is your favorite?

Twenty If by Giant Robot

T-Shirt Design

Cat Bait

T-Shirt Design


T-Shirt Design

Clown Car Crash

T-Shirt Design

Design Battles

T-Shirt Design

Nutritious Breakfast

T-Shirt Design

Loch Ness Imposter

T-Shirt Design

Flowing Inspiration

T-Shirt Design

Big Dreams

T-Shirt Design

In Case of Zombies

T-Shirt Design

Demise of Mr. Flamingo

T-Shirt Design

Extra Pulp

T-Shirt Design

Everyone Poops

T-Shirt Design

Bigfoots Watch In Bewilderment

T-Shirt Design

Deep Tree Diving

T-Shirt Design


T-Shirt Design

Baby Godzilla

T-Shirt Design

Ma Lil Outlaws

T-Shirt Design


T-Shirt Design


T-Shirt Design

Mixed Messages

T-Shirt Design

Biggie Was Right

T-Shirt Design


T-Shirt Design

Song Bird

T-Shirt Design

Tree Town

T-Shirt Design


T-Shirt Design


T-Shirt Design


T-Shirt Design


T-Shirt Design

The Best-Looking TV Set You Never Knew You Wanted

T-Shirt Design

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  • Nik Phillips

    Hah, excellent!
    Some very creative play on old fasioned sayings.

  • http://hdragomir.com Horia Dragomir

    Awesome list! I’m quite proud to own a shirt from here.

    Also, it says Loch Ness Impostor instead In Case of Zombies

    • http://henryjones.us Henry

      @Horia Dragomir: Thanks for pointing that out…fixed. :)

  • http://www.designblend.co.uk starr

    I love this collection. I love the ‘Big Dreams’ one

  • http://www.rbryant.co.uk Rebecca Bryant

    Great list. I picked up ‘Jurassircus’ in Threadless’ $9 sale the other week :)

  • http://www.philadelphiamedicalmalpractice.com Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyer

    Great designs. The wordplay on some of these is really good and the pictures are fun.

  • http://designrfix.com Tony

    My favorite is Tree Town…keep up the good work

  • http://www.thephotoargus.com Bill

    I love the artwork!! I need to get some of these.

  • http://www.detourdesignables.com Juna D

    These are great. Hard to pick a favorite. I love tree town, extra pulp, mp(3)& baby godzilla.

  • http://www.discountwebdesign.co.uk imrose @ discount web design

    The tree town is really creative. well all are…

  • http://vidyaputra.blogspot.com vidyaputra

    my fav. is the lochness and imposter its really funny

  • forrest

    all are impressive that i can even remember all their names now. yet i’ll pick clown car crash as my favorite one of all.

  • http://www.shirts4runners.com Shirts4Runners

    Ha! These are great! Design War is my favorite.

    You might like Run Like A Centaur over at Shirts4Runners too!

  • Jasonique

    Really good! “Clown Car Crash” and “In Case of Zombies” are my favs

  • http://designthoughtfortheday.blogspot.com Ted Rex

    Just published a link to Christine Newsom’s illustration on my design blog:

    Great collection!

  • TshirtCheff

    Great collection of designs. I will any of those.
    I was hoping you will get more from other sites like zazzle or snorgtees or teezeria.com. TeeZeria looks to have really funny designs too.


  • http://www.zazzle.com/amrendra Saksham

    Great designs

  • http://www.mondoprint.com Mondo Print

    These are great!

  • http://limajunior.wordpress.com/ LimaJunior


  • http://www.zombiewear.co.uk ZombieWear

    Catbait is by far my favourite

  • http://www.jmc-website-design.co.uk Jason

    Some very good and creative lateral thinking there.

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  • http://www.signifyingnot.bigcartel.com Summer

    Those are great! I really like Big Dreams and In Case of Zombies. I have always really like the idea of how-tos and instructions on shirts. And I always like the hand drawn illustration look.

  • Stacy

    Aww I love these, I totally wanted the FAIL one and the Ma Little Outlaws one-Awesome. But you are all out:(. Please print some more. XL please.

  • Francesca

    I love the deep tree diving and mixed messages =)

  • http://www.gabrielangeldesign.com Gabriel Angel Design

    I like the “In Case of Zombies” design. You definitely gotta have the double tap in there.

  • Alyx

    Their all R3411Y Funny!!! =P

  • http://drsresearch.co.uk writer

    Awesome collection.Thanks for sharing….