• http://www.hilario.lu/ DJaVuPixel

    Excellent examples of simple logo. Some nice logos with negative space. One word Excellent

  • Rick

    There’s a local electric company whose understated logo I’ve always loved. I see their vans around town at least once/month: http://bit.ly/cyYE79

    • Rick

      I should have mentioned their name: McMillan Electric

  • http://usarzewicz.org Nathan

    Nice collection, some of these logos I’ve already saw, but most of them are new to me. I always admit designers who can create such creative logos. Not my branch :)

    • FL

      Yeah these logo’s are realy nice to watch.

      But one BIG thing most people always forget: 90% of such logo’s ( who are always on sites like logopond and such ), are easier created because the designer also chooses the name of the so called company. So in that way it makes it much easyer to create such logo’s.

      I’m working as a designer for a long long time now, and i think others can confirm, that 99% of the cases your client doesn’t have a company name to pull of such designs.

      So i still think all those logo’s are a bit unreal.

      BUT still fun to watch and nice for inspiration!

      • http://eserrano.com E. Serrano

        I was thinking exactly about the same idea. So I agree completely, FL. It seems that real world restrictions of working with company names make creating such meaningful logos a harder challenge.

        Who knows: sometimes just a nice initial concept works as inspiration for a real company which still lacks a company name.

        Then there’s the subject of brand name copyright. Such simple names are usually already taken, which makes even harder working with a single worded company name, needing then a more complex tag-line to complete the design.

        That’s why I’ve found useful working with the initials of long company names in my designs, which make complex things simpler and logo friendly, while reminding of the target company.

        Nevertheless, this is an amazing set of inspiration, full of extremely good ideas, which demonstrate that good logo design is much more than just a beautiful illustration, but in fact, a meaningful graphic.

        • http://itsshala.com Shala

          Yea, I always try to form the company’s logo around their initials. It’s easier for people to say in a general conversation, making it much more friendly for word of mouth advertising. It is easier for people to remember while knowing exactly whayt company is being referenced.

      • http://martinboath.com Martin Boath

        Was just going to say the same thing myself FL.

        Is a logo really a logo if the designer has created it himself? Fictional or ‘self-initiated’ logos are created because the designer has thought of a clever way in which to use a quirk with a character or negative space in a word or combination of letters, which pretty much eliminates the point of design: solving a client’s problem.

        Most of these examples, whilst nicely done, do not answer any problems. They are more suited to the logo section of somewhere like iStock (when it’s up and running) where ‘clients’ will trawl through pages of their marques to find something they like and try and make it fit their company or brand. Design in reverse, effectively.

        I think calling these ‘logos’ is very misleading.

        • http://itsshala.com Shala

          Yea, it is one thing to sit and create a random logo from a name you dream up and make it look good and clever. It is another thing entirely to have to come up with an actual logo based on client requirements (including their personal taste and vision) and the name already in place. You are forced to work with what you are given, make lemonade out of lemons so to say. That takes some extra effort and makes you stand out from the exploding world of designers. Because essentially, you will be working for a real client, with a already choosen name, that takes skill.

      • http://www.yummygum.nl leon

        Was thinking the same thing. Good point FL! Doesn’t make them weak logo’s though. The path of thought is just easier made when the designer is the one to come up with the name of the fictional company.

        Nice post.

      • http://itsshala.com Shala

        I second that. Many of my clients have names that have 3 or more long words. I have not yet had a client that has had a single word company name LOL or a short two-worded comapany name either. Also, most times even trying to use the company’s intials do not provide a way to do some of the logos shown. Such as a pencil using the letter ‘I’, I would love to do something like that, but their comapany has nothing to do with pencils or school, or learning LOL.

  • http://loveishs.com/ Tanya

    Vry Nice Collection. I really like all of them. Simple and neat look is the best

  • http://blog.pathtosharepoint.com Christophe

    Cute! And inspiring.

  • http://www.notesindesign.com Eliza

    Absolutely stunning collection. I always admire that field of logo design – visually stunning.

  • http://www.w3bookmarks.com/ Jones

    i like the collection. great work…

  • http://www.margonem.pl Thinker

    Really loved it. Most of them really looks brilliant.

  • http://www.benoblog.com Beno

    Great collection, minimalism is everything.

  • http://www.codesquid.co.uk Codesquid

    Most of these are works of absolute genius! This is how all logos should be! Less is definitely more!

  • http://www.iamnotu.com jesse

    love all of em. Great collection of simple, but powerful logos.

  • http://www.nopun.com Noel Wiggins

    The logo designer for killed production

    Killed it!

    Thanks and Regards

    Noel for Nopun.com
    a graphic design studio

    • http://itsshala.com Shala

      Yea definitely one of my favs. It is awesome!I looked around to see if a real company is using this logo, I didn’t find one, I see where they are selling it half off at $800. It would be even more awesome if this was designed for an actual company who existed, that would be so wicked. It is just a stock logo.

  • owen

    The only issue I have with these sorts of logos is that none of them (or very few of them) are actually being used for a real life company.

    They are more exercises in creativity, and don’t involve the real challenges of meeting a client’s expectations and/or goals.

  • http://www.jordanwalker.net/index.php Jordan Walker

    Classy icons will last forever and be instantly recognized.

  • M.R.

    Very nice collection. Thanks for posting. Came here via Smashing Magazine.

  • http://www.benfrain.com Ben Frain

    Real companies or not, some of these logo’s are absolute genius! They are rewarding in that they not only look great, there is an extra buzz when you ‘get’ the puzzle (in some cases). Great collection.

  • Seannachie

    Excellent designs – clean, simple, yet they convey clear messages. I love them all, very well done, and excellent article!

  • http://flavors.me/sth sth

    Very good! -_-

  • http://www.jmwaters.com J.M. Waters

    Wow! There are some great logos here. I love the Minimalist feel. I think Evolution X is the most creative overall, but really that could be said about several of these.

    J.M. Waters

  • sophie

    sometimes I wonder what came first, the logo or the company name?….If you ask yourself that question, then you have an awesome logo before you.

  • http://www.yannic.nl Yannic van Veen

    Really nice collection. I like the double meaning in most of these logos.

  • http://www.wanderlima.com wander lima

    All great but i really liked Hole and Foot.

  • http://www.lonocreative.com Lono

    great post… Its all about keeping it simple!

  • wesley

    Excellent logo’s! I really love those simple but briljant illustrations. I like these kind of logo’s way more then the famous one’s like nike or pepsi. It kind of reminds me of these shirt designs, which says for example “whale” and typhography also illustrates that specific animal.. pretty neat!

  • Nolan

    Examples like this of effective minimalism alwasys makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

  • http://lava360.com zohaib

    simple but eye catching. excellent work and good post

  • bill

    A lot of these seem really FAKE.

  • http://www.n-sign.org Nigel Freeney

    Better the less said!

  • http://Ansh.THISISITONLINE.INFO Amberly | Web Designer

    Superb.. Awesome share…. Its hard to pick the best… Thanks..

  • http://www.joytheatre.com janiece

    so awesome! i want one for my kids theatre co.! wracking my brain around the simple concept is not so easy. COOL! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • http://www.logolitic.com logolitic

    very nice collection shared here! You can also see some of my 2D logo designs here: http://logolitic.com/logos-inspiration-2-%E2%80%93-designed-by-logolitic/

  • http://ebsoft.web.id ebsoft

    nice collection…
    some of them need more time to understand..

  • http://CloutMarketing.ca Charles

    I think that my company’s new logo is awesome:

  • Saifur

    Mindblowing thoughts…

  • http://twitter.com/corestudiosnet Core Studios

    This got to be one of my favorite articles! Great ideas! Good job :)

  • http://zavose.com Chuck

    Wow. These are fantastic!

  • http://www.onextrapixel.com Aidan

    Sleek, clean and simple. The most important thing it’s effective!

  • http://www.walkingartwork.com/om.html Mr. tøjbutik

    Some very nice ones among there…. I did the total opposite – my logo is very complex…. but it kind of fits with my shop, so I think I will keep it…. But thanks for inspiration 😉

  • http://webstufflogging.com/ Michael

    Keep it simple. Lovely.

  • http://www.vistage.com.my KA, Business Coaching

    I love the ones with the negative space! Brilliant collection!

  • http://bonfx.com Douglas Bonneville

    Wow…Folder and Bckspace are great! What a great list. I think that less is more, more often than not. In todays media clutter, a clear mark is hard to define and worth the investment in creating.

  • http://itsshala.com Shala

    I like how the ED’s Electric logo is an optical illussion in itself.

    I always feel that if you are able to create an awesome memorable logo using some text and minimal graphics, then that is a truly great logo. For example Coca-Cola, is a really a simple font based logo usually on a red background, does not involve graphics really. Yet it is such a familiar and recogonizable logo to the point that you can read the text “Coca-Cola” and see it perfectly in your mind how it appears on the soda can, print ads, or commercial. Also, suggest some good branding going on as well.

  • http://www.lifesub.de Stefan

    Good examples! Ed’s-Electric #1

  • http://fraguto.heliohost.org Octo Fraguto


    Perfect. So simple and fullyfunction

  • http://natebearart.com Nate Bear

    Lesson of the day: Use your negative space!

    Great list.

  • http://levelx.me Kryptic

    Nice collection.

  • http://coolidea.ru/ Коллекционер бизнес-идей


    Crown is banal and Fence is hard to read but the rest is perfect.

  • http://www.thepeachdesign.com Peach

    Simply awesome!

  • http://www.bordercrossingmedia.com Esther Stringer

    Really nice clean, simple logos – will direct clients who are looking for a rebrand to this blog post for inspiration!

  • http://corebasis.com Henning von Vogelsang

    While I’m always impressed with clever visual ideas, I digress with the general assumption made in this article. No, logos are not the cornerstone of branding. In fact, compared to other influencing factors, the quality of a logo has the least influence on your brand.

    Your logo can be beautiful or ugly, it really doesn’t matter if your brand doesn’t deliver on its promise. And that promise consists of the product idea, the delivery, the impression it leaves on people. A lot of things have more impact on how your brand is perceived. Your logo is one of them, but by far not its cornerstone.

    Think about this: Google started with one of the ugliest logos ever designed. Look at the first version of Google’s logo. If a graphic design student would have come up with this logo, he would have been kicked out of class. Never the less, Google became one of the most successful companies in human history and the leading brand of the Internet. It really didn’t matter what their logo was, what mattered was what they did with their brand.

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  • http://www.mindsculpt.com MindSculpt

    Clients often approach me asking for snazzy 3D logos in web 2.0 format. I constantly (and successfully) push them in the direction of clean, simple marks that are memorable and recognizable. These are all fantastic and inspiring examples of the simplicity in logo creation that all designers should follow.

  • http://jewelry2blog.com/category/internet/banner-advertising/ Randy Migneault

    Hey , i would like to say thank you about this great post, very helpful to me, Thank You.

  • Ana Ronco

    Very impressive – Great post!

    Congrats to all people involved


  • chandan ray

    amazing dud……

  • http://ilifebelt.com Paginas web

    Woww thanks!! Some are beautiful.

    Muchas gracias y saludos desde Guatemala!!

  • Jake Pucan

    Creative mind

  • a.giteli

    Thumbs up for Killed Productions i loved it

  • http://www.stormstudios.co.uk Simon France

    Their are some top draw logo’s here, loving the Horror Films and Backspace logoart, very intuitive.

  • irig

    Wonderful, awesome creativity

  • http://www.aldricchang.com/ Creative Entrepreneur

    Great list. Some of the logo designs are really clever.

  • tyson

    I love these but I’m noticing that they are just a great visual play on the names of the companies, many of the logo’s leave me feeling like I have no idea what they do – i realise that a logo doesn’t have to say or spell out what a company does, but what if the name of the company wasn’t a word that is easily played on, like someone’s last name for instance? I’m sure there’s some great examples out there, and I feel they probably deserve some more credit for having a more difficult task to work with.

  • http://www.erickguerrero.pe Koegm

    Awesome Logos here. Great Stuff!

  • http://designbeep.com Arshad Cini

    This post is again popular in Delicious:)

    I’ve never seen some of them..Thanks Henry

  • http://www.beauchampwebdesign.co.uk Beauchamp Web design

    amazing logos all so simple but effective,
    another great post thanks

  • http://www.aboutweb.dk webbureau

    Good logos, but i like the one with “killed” the most. That is a funny idea

  • dros

    Most of these logos aren’t for real companies – they’re just made up words to put context to some clever little graphic someone thought of…Either that or the symbol was made first, and then the name of the company was made up simply to fit.

  • http://commingsoon Ivan Tsankov

    Inspiring stuff.Thanks for sharing!

  • Allan Arima

    Awesome and amazing issue!

  • http://alldesignandprint.co.uk Simon Hall

    Some are brilliant although do any of the companies actually exist? It’s easy to design a logo for a fictitious company as you can make a name fit an idea. Logo design becomes difficult when a client comes to you with an established company name and you have to design and print something to fit.

  • http://www.hjemmesideshoppen.dk hjemmeside

    I like the one with ZIP the most. Really creative logos.

  • http://waltongraphic.com Jeff

    Nice collection. It is much more fun to see clean and conceptual logos, even if many of them are basically comp work. I really like the Horror Films one.

  • Yongman Park

    Wow really brilliant idea I love the one with “pencil”and “foot” the most.

  • http://wetuts.com/ Jahangir Hussain

    Really awesome logos, well designed. thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.pixelhuset.dk Peter Hjemmeside

    Ha ha – i like the Missing logo!

  • Abhishek

    awesome logos , amazing creativity

  • http://www.ilovedesign.co.nz katrina

    Beautiful, less is definitely more :)